First Road Trip

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Aug 7, 2003
Well I put about 300 gas guzzling miles on the FJ40 this weekend. This was its first out of town trip since the swap. It ran great the whole way not one problem what so ever. It drank the gas though. I wheeled at the red River Gorge on Saturday and everything went smooth. The SAS Tacoma we were with get fawking up his new driveshaft, so with his air lockers not hooked up and 2 wheel drive it was slow going. The heep xj we were with decided to go though some high water and almost hydro locked his motor, but they got the water sucked out. All in all it was a good trip. Thanks again for everyones help on the motor swap it would still be in my garage without you guys.:beer:
Hmmm...I wonder if I could drive the 80 and the 40 at the same time? since we are rebuilding the front axle of the 80 on the 18th and I'll have the baby with me, the 40 will have to wait.

on a side note.....A year ago after you looked at my 40 for the 1st time, you told me to go ahead and buy loaded calipers since my pads were about shot. Well the time is coming soon. Should I just buy 76 calipers and rotors or a different year? If it matters which I don't think it does I have some mintruck knuckles that I might swap in at the same time.

Good to hear you had a great time wheeling. Love to hear you had no problems!

On the knuckles: the knuckles don't just "swap right in" if you do the job right. You'll need to borrow a knuckle tool to make sure you have the right knuckle bearing shims in the right places. This assures that the knuckle is centered to the axle housing and that the bearing preload is correct.

Me? I'd sell the mini knuckles on and use the stock stuff you have (assuming its a later '76-'78 Cruiser disk axle). But I don't know the ultimate goals you have for your rig. SUA and 35's is no problem for the stock small bolt pattern knuckles IMHO...

Oh yeah, if your calipers are still working fine (ie no stuck pistons) just get pads IMHO. If your dead set on loaded calipers and yours work let me know. I've got a pile of cores and could use a couple working calipers...

Yeah, what nick said. No need to swap to the big pattern minitruck/79-newer cruiser style knuckles. Not until you're running 35's and a front locker.

If I suggested loaded calipers, it's probably 'cuz the old calipers looked like they needed replaced. With 8 pistons on the front axle, odds are that one of them is rusty and sticky if they've been on there for a while. All cruiser calipers are the same, 76-90 Cruiser and 79-87 Mini.

You might think about upgrading to the larger 89-newer IFS calipers while you're at it. A particularly good upgrade along w/ the GM rear disc swap.
Pix...I took I think 3 pix and none of them are to exciting.

Knuckles...I do realize that they need to be set up correctly and will probably just hold on to them for awhile untill I get super big tires and SOA

Loaded Calipers...I'm sure Jim recommended loaded calipers for a reason. I may just switch out the pads for now b/c I like to do jobs twice ;)

Rotors...I'm not sure what my rotors look like but I'm stuck buying the expensive ones b/c of the 76-78 dealio.

Not sure on the rotors. I have 77 axles and my rotors from Rock Auto were like 70 bucks delivered or something.....

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