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Feb 15, 2009
Mansfield TX
Hello all--

I'm the proud owner of a 1984 FJ-60. I've had it for about 6 months now, been driving her as much as time will allow. I'm ready to build her a bit and turn her into a daily driver. When she's ready, I'll be selling my truck and going solo on the 60. As she sits now, she's completely stock, save 31" tires.

My wife has set the budget at $5000.00, and going over that would probably involve risk of life and limb. Her list of must haves in the rig include a new windshield and tinted windows, so now the budget shrinks to $4500.

What I'd like to accomplish:

The 60 runs and starts every time, but she stumbles at times. The 2F was completely rebuilt, bottom up, in 1998--so 11 years ago. There is about 35K on the rebuild. I know she needs carb work at a minimum, but I'm not certain on the rest.

I'd like to do a mild lift and 33's, if it's in the budget.

Anyway, I'd like to hear your suggestions, if you don't mind.


Oct 1, 2005
Give it a complete fluid change, tune-up, carb rebuild, complete OME suspension from Kurt at Cruiser Outfitters, add some 33's and send me the remaining budget amount.
Sep 6, 2003
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ditto on what front range said. Have the OME life and 33 BFG AT's. Very happy off and on road. Oh-s*** bar and A pillar grab bar are cheap female/passenger friendly additions. That will prob kill your budget.
You could do the fluids, tune-up and maybe even carb rebuild depending on your mechanical prowess and time. That will save you some cash.
If you need help use the search function and post up your questions on the board there are a ton of intelligent and helpful people floating around here.

Prepare for the addiction that is owning a cruiser.

best of luck....



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Mar 22, 2005
Durango, CO

I would also add that this forum is a great source for USED parts because people are always going higher, beefier, more extreme and have not-very-old parts to unload. It's a great resource for getting great parts for less than new prices.

I got my Warn M8000 Winch for $300 with fairlead/cable/hook and it works perfectly, most people on this forum are looking to hook a brother up, not screw them.

Got my Defender Roof Rack for $ on and so forth


Apr 22, 2003
Actually bought my OME HDs used in the classifieds here. They were about 4 years old, we traded springs + money, and I've been running them for about 5 years now without problem.

I recommend buying the HD setup and not install the extra leafs. That way if you decide to add front and rear bumpers, winch, rack, sliders, or just load it with a bunch of weight you can add the extras in where you need them.


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Apr 18, 2005
Durham, NC
The first things you should get after pm IMHO are a good front and rear bumper set that will protect your cruiser in the event of an accident, god forbid. I always hate to see a mildly built cruiser being parted out because someone hit him and the insurance totaled the vehicle.

Other than that, springs, 33"s and 4.11's.
Sep 28, 2004
San Clemente, CA
Congrats on being a Cruiser owner and Mud member.
$5000 grand is a great start. Well as you stated $4500.

The bug, if it all ready hasn't, it will consume you. The quest is about to begin.
I'd go with the lift first, that’s what I did and it dramatically change the way the 60 looks and rides. I put on 32x10.5 and have been running them for 3 years and am planning to jump to 33x10.5 when I get home.
I've just ordered a set of Sliders from Solid Rock off-road and a 4x4 labs rear bumper which I’ll install when I get home in June. You'll need a good rear to carry your extra tire, Hi-Lift and Spare fuel when wheeling. So in short, Start with the lift OME HD, 33x10.5, carb rebuild.
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Sep 21, 2006
Ditto. OME 3" from the one and only Kurt at Cruiser Outfitteers and 32-33" tyres. Swap some 4.11 gears from an FJ62 (cheap), and buy an Aussie Locker for the rear (inexpensive/easy installation). Might also be good to get a front end rebuild kit from Kurt as well to make certain everything's up to par (also cheap). You could easily do all this for under $3000, and then get an ARB bumper (also from Kurt). Also, if you can weld a bead, look into a set of Marlin sliders (cheap/stout). Can be had for less from Trail Gear, but Marlin is one of the few truely credible Cruiser shops that its worth a few bucks more to start that relationship.

Heck, just give Kurt a call and let him know what you have to spend...he'll steer you right without taking advantage of you, and give you the best deal. $4500 goes a LONG way on these rigs...I should know as I just got done spending about that much!


Jun 12, 2007
Portland OR
$4500 goes a LONG way on these rigs...
Yes. $4500 can be stretched pretty far depending on your fab skills, mechanical skills, and deal hunting skills. You can always learn new stuff if you haven't done it before. Might consider a welder in that budget (if you don't already have one) to make your own parts.
May 25, 2008
I have about 1600 into mine , i built a custom winch bumper,($250.)bought used wheels and then used tires and had them mounted mickey thompson clasic 2 wheels and mud terrains ($500.)craigslist. I have almost finished my spring over axel lift ,rough stuff spring perches,bolts,shock mounts and plates ($220) Manafre greasable shackles,pins and longer braided brake lines..2 week shipping(thats bull****) ($280.) 1 used e-bay a440f Transmission and fluids ($230) probably another 50 bucks in rattle can paint and b.s. but from stock with 31s to what you see (35s)for $1600 isnt bad.I am ordering the x-over steering this weekend for another $400 unless someone has one or knows of a place to get one cheeper (let me know) the all thats left to do is shocks and i figure with hoops or ford mounts it will cost another ($400) so that would be $2400 to get where im at in the pics. Not tootin my own horn but i have a bit of knowhow but that was all self taught. i bought a welder from home depot about $600 a few years ago and a bottle of gas for another ($100) you could probably find a friend that could do the welding if you choose to do a spring over . dont forget the invested time into your project either. if it is to be a daily driver you will have to cough up more money here and there to buy part rather than fab them up in most cases. You can see where you could be for $2400 and some labor and the rest of your money could be for whatever, so dont spend to quickly and deffinatley look for deals on Mud ,e-bay and craigslist cause there out there and money is hard to come by just ask your wife for more and you will know what i mean.Good huntin and cant wait to see your progress post alot of pics. oh by the way welcome to Mud :flipoff2:
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Jan 8, 2004
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Drofen - also think about going through the <50$ thread. It's long, but some EXCELLENT ideas that you will want to do, and relatively inexpensive (unless you do them all!).

My must haves would include -

Tuffy console. Really nice addition - get the 8" w/ stereo pocket.
H4 Upgraded headlights. Cibie, IPF, or Hella (my opinion - in that order) (daniel stern lighting)

Fix your carb - send to JimC or Mark W to rebuild it. Fix any vacuum line issues w/ new silicone lines from Mcmaster carr.

I'd focus on mechanical and reliability, then depending on how much or how hard you offroad - sliders, at least front bumper, and rear bumper.

Tires and rims - mild to wild - you could blow your entire allowance on these two.

Also, if DD or a lot of Freeway - look for a 5sp - especially if you regear to 4.11's or lower. 5th gear is awesome. but that would take most of your budget unless you do it yourself. since you have an 84, it would not be a drop in replacement. have to get driveshafts done to fit.

it's just money! take it in steps and have fun!

Good luck!

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