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Jan 30, 2022
2005 - 100 Series - 365k Miles - I have put on over 100K of them. I am the second owner. She is my daily driver and we travel between central Texas and Northern New Mexico often so there are lots of highway miles. So did the first owner. Virtually no offroad use. Standard size tires 275/60R18 Michelin Defender. So I would say outside of the load I carry for work, it is light use.

Currently The old girl is at the dealership - both cats are shot and motor mounts separated. :frown:
And a LONG list of other items needing looking into. Lots of general wear underneath.

I have done all the work myself (maintenance and upgrades) but the cats and mounts I am having the dealership do. That hurts a lot!!!
What is next - I would say every bushing underneath front to rear needs replacing so that is a start.
Front and Rear sway bar bushings included.
Valve cover leaking so that gets done.
Adding Slee differential drop with new diff bushings.
CV boots leaking some - so either replacing boots and other parts or going with all new CV axles. Not sure.
New front wheel hubs with new bearings.
Transfer case is leaking. So regular maintenance on that to keep an eye on it.
Steering rack is leaking and bushing worn - read some reviews and that is a toss up on me doing or not. Some said they would not do it again - real bear to tackle.
Upgrading upper control arms so those bushings will get handled then.
Serpentine belt, tensioner and fan clutch to get replaced also.
Then after all that I suspect it may be time for the Timing Belt and Water pump.
Then a leaking AC system.

Replaced radiator when installing the front bumper in 12/21.
Replaced alternator 2 years earlier.

The work I have done to data:
ARB Delux Front Bumper with BadLand Apex 12k Lb Wench
ARB Single Motor On-Board Air Compressor
Second Yellow Top Battery With Isolator
OME 1.5" Rear And Front Suspension Upgrade with Sway-A-Way Torsion Bars
Yakima MegaWarrior 74"x48" Cargo Basket Mounted with 4 Custom Steel Cross Bars
36" Front and 30" Rear Light Bars And Flashing Amber Light Bars
Custom Rear Cargo Storage with 32" Pullout Slider on Top.
Custom made 270 awning. Need to get a cover made for it.

So hopefully I am not crazy in wanting to keep the girl going. 365K miles is a lot but most of the 'problems' are general wear issues and standard maintenance replacement issues. So I believe.

I will add some photos in a bit.
You're not crazy in wanting to keep the 'ol girl going. But, you are crazy letting the dealer install factory cats which retail for ~ $1500 each? I would find a local exhaust shop and get a quote to install some magnaflow's like these:

Amazon product

I would go with OE Toyota cv axles and steering rack even though those aren't cheap, they are worth it vs aftermarket. You can get the OE rack from McGeorge for about $620.
Less accessories , more maintenance and she should have more life in her yet.
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dealer cat replacement? RIP your wallet man. good luck with that

If OE cats are even available, with the recent rash of catalytic converter thefts.

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