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Jun 17, 2005
Well, I finally finished up my first mod to my cruiser today :) . I bought Brian Koerner's '95, and it was pretty well outfitted. Except that on my first wheeling trip the Optima Yellowtop died. So I finally got the dual battery setup installed and working. Definitely some peace of mind now. I used the Hellroaring unit, and followed Cruiser Drew's install pretty closely. The only thing I added was some military style battery terminal covers to clean things up, and also a few terminal covers on the Hellroaring unit itself, ordered from This Site . They had good prices, way better than Wrangler NW, the only other place I could find the cover. I'll get some pics of the completed install up soon. Only other addition to Drew's very complete write-up would be that you either have to drill our the terminal hole or get larger than 3/8" hole to fit on the second battery ground cable on the engine block where it has to go over the 10x1.25mm bolt. Tested out the system just by disconnecting the primary batt, and flipping the switch, and got headlights to work. I have 2 Red Tops in there now.

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