First gen sliding windows

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Mar 27, 2013
Sedro Woolley, WA
Just got the first gen SOR rear sliding windows installed. At least I was told they were SOR.

There was an emblem that said CR Laurence and those initials were etched into the glass.

I had them sent to me with the promise I would get info out as to what causes the leaks and/or how to fix.

The installer was a friend and ex coworker of my wife's when she worked in the glass industry. He's been doing this for years. To pull and install both sides, zero interior was removed and took less than an hour.

The glass that came out was original Toyota. He said the most likely reason for leaking (aside from CR Laurence sliders tend to leak) was that the glass was 1/4" thick and the frame for the slider is 1/8" thick.

Using the original gasket means theres an 1/8" variance.

If a gasket exists that's meant for sliders (installer said there probably is) then there wouldn't be any leaks. Those don't use a locking trim in the gasket like the factory gasket/window does.

We reused the gasket we had for now. Installed using the rope method and took minutes each side. He had a thicker locking gasket which made everything a bit tighter. If they leak, you can also install with some urethane between the window frame and the gasket to close the gap.




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