First election/ club officers for the year of 2009

Feb 21, 2006
Winston Oregon
Club email is PayPal is the same.

TLCA Delegate is Matt Walls

Alternate Delegate is Tim Harris

President is also Tim Harris

VP is Brent Murphy

Club Contact is Steve Lindsey

Bulk distribution contact is myself (Chris Gunn) 304- 337-4019

Club Secretary/Treasurer is Chris Gunn also myself.

I am also the Moderator of the clubhouse corner if you need anything please feel free to ask.

For the time being the club/chapter mailing address is Mountaineer Cruisers at 505 south 3rd ave Paden City WV 26159

Congrats it seems we are about a official chapter of the TLCA. The first meeting entailed electing chapter officers (see above) and discussing club dues and such. Some was under the impression that we are a Toyota club only. No in fact that is not true we welcome most 4x4's but we do encourage new comers to join the chapter and drive Toyota 4x4's but not 100 % necessary.

It seems Matt Walls has the club logo on paper which I will dig up a picture later. I must say he did a fine job. The first meeting actually turned out to be a fairly eventful day, we had a big turnout of members , had a wrenching session on a 80 (Front spacers on Tim's 80 and a CDL switch from Slee) and a little hacking on my mini. Later we had dinner at the local Diner and headed out for a night Trail ride. Not bad for the first time.

I want to thank everyone for coming out and Tim for hosting. I know it was still a bit cold and hope next time will be even better. We are currently trying for a wheeling/camping trip sometime in April. So please bring your freinds and family and lets try to make a weekend out of it. If I left anything out give me a shout.

Thank you Chris Gunn

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