first big puddle, now it wont start

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Sep 16, 2010
Boise, Idaho
So a few days ago i took my 77 40 (2f mainly stock) out for some fun and ended up driving it into a huge puddle (it was on purpose and it didn't get up past the air intake)
after driving for about 30 min(ran great) i turned it off and would not start back up
i have since charged the battery and all electronics are working
the starter clicks once, as soon as the key is turned but thats it

any ideas?
does the water actually have any thing to do with it or is it just a coincidence?

any help would be appreciated!

and here is a picture for fun!
I would check your ground at the starter. or the solinoid might be bad at the starter. If the water had anything to do with this, I would think your Cruiser would have died after the puddle. If you remove your starter, your local parts store will check it for you...
Get the old volt meter out and make sure your getting juice to the starter. If so then like kurt say check the solenoid and have the started checked.

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