First 2003 Mtg, Jan 12th

Dec 23, 2002

The comment was presented to me, 'now the challenge is to follow thru'.

How true, how true.  

Our first meeting is Jan 11th.  While the enthusiasm displayed is contagious, the truth is that I cannot do this alone.  My role is that of a facilitator; someone to assemble the choices and present them to the Voting Board.  While I can and will make recommendations, the final decision about our direction and progress come from Delegates and Board Members, most of which are right here on this forum.

I need you to be present at this meeting.  I will put forth my goals for review and discussion and some much needed by law changes for review and discussion.  These will be voted on Jan 26th.  

I will put forth a motion to finalize the outgoing membership contractor by approving the final bill.  This is the only actual voting to be done and I need you present for a quorum and am asking for your vote of approval.  We need to put closure on this issue and provide a smooth transition to the new admin.

While I wish we could just wheel and chat around the campfire, we need to take care of some business first.

I also want to be respectful of Bodreps.  I love this BB feel and the categorized flow of communication.  At the Jan 11th meeting, I will ask Brian and Morgan to move forward on creating a BB format for Bodreps, unofficial but open to Bodrep members to explore and 'get the feel'.  I will ask for official approval on Jan 26th.  Until such time, I will treat Bodreps as the official avenue of communication and will try to present information there first, in respect to the Board Members, then follow up here for general communication.

Thanks in advance for your support!  


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Jan 15, 2002
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Re: First 2003 Mtg, Jan 11th

since my parts failed to arrive this week :rolleyes:, my weekend time may actually allow me to get in front of the computer and work on a database version of the BB software to test it out. IMO, the security will be much higher than the cgi/pl version I run now. With a bit of luck I'll have at least some initial testing ready in a week...Morgan, Herb, Dave, and I all want to ensure some level of security and confidence with the forum software and data prior to just jumping in head-first...
Dec 23, 2002
Re: First 2003 Mtg, Jan 11th

Did I say the 11th...  What a bonehead... it's the 12th

First meeting of 2003, Sunday, January 12th!!!

8 PM Eastern, 5 PM Western (pacific).

if you like what you are seeing (reading), then attend and help me continue.  If you simply assume that it will get done without you, I guarantee it won't.  

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Apr 21, 2002
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Tony, I have a question. How do you attend a meeting? Is it in person? where? Or is it a party line call? open internet forum? Would like to attend if that is possable.

My son picked up my 6 yr old granddaughter in my cruiser, Kids at school made comments about the "Jeep". She made it know that wasn't no jeep, Thats a LandCruiser.

Larry Lee
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Dec 23, 2002

meetings are teleconference format. Notification is provided by list of acknowledged delegates and FYI on bodreps (soon TLCA forum on

you dial in, enter pass code and are accepted.

We are working to keep the time down to cost and will get better as year progresses. Must be Delegate or invitee to attend due to cost. As soon as we update the minutes received, I will be posting them here as follow up to meeting notice.

please contact me offline at so we can chat about getting your chapter delegate involved.

Dec 23, 2002
Approved minutes from Jan 12th meeting.

2002 Treasurer Issues

Park Owens raised the following issues prior to leaving office for the TLCA
#1 A Non-Member received invoice of invoice
$1956.71 Email and hard copy registered copy has not paid.

#2 Computer for admin, Admin has not asked for a computer, just wanted to make delegates and officers clear that she did not ask for a computer.

New Business
1. Transition of TLCA Officers.

Thanks for coming, Transition of officers
a. Approve Nick Stone as AVP
Erik C. -Motion to approve Nick Stone as AVP
Eric V. Second
Discussion, no concerns voiced.
Margaret Dauphin- Is Nick Stone ready for the job?
Tony- 99.9% confident he wants the job
Motion passed Aie’s have it

b. Officially transfer the duties to the newly elected
TLCA Officers.
c. Thank the out-going TLCA Officers and Contractors.
Goodbye’s to Park

2. Presentation of Goals (Tony Twiddy).
View as facilitator trying to get us pointed in the correct direction. Rough couple of years and work together as a team and work together.
#1 Rebuild the bridges of trust- all communication to go thru the BOD reps list
#2 end of 2003 have membership up in 4300’s and sustained growth

Focus when talking about these goals
Membership, Toyota Trails and TLCA Events
Think about this as a year of recovery,

3. Proposed Bylaw Changes (Discussion).
a. Delegates must be TLCA Members and not contractors
per Chris Rech.

Dave Brown-Park was the last bylaws change representative.
Nick Stone, online, and want to thank for comments posted online
And will handle Bylaw changes for the TLCA.

1. TLCA BOD Members must be TLCA Members in good standing.

2. TLCA Employees (either contractor or directly) cannot be BOD Delegates or otherwise have a vote in TLCA matters.(The intent is to prevent the obvious conflicts of interest which may arise should a contract employee also be, for example, a Delegate).

b. Ability to bar disruptive person from meeting per Nick Stone.
1. Speakers participating in meetings will always treat each other with courtesy and respect. &nbsp:Disrespectful comments toward a person may be declared out of order by the presiding officer. The speaker may be barred from the meeting at the presiding officer's discretion.

Tony would recommend that we pass these and move forward, discussion will be presented on BOD reps list.

4. Discussion of Membership Director Request.
Karr presented a bill to AVP for payment and it needs BOD approval
Erik C- Motion to request that we pay the bill that was presented by Karr Accord to the AVP Phil Johnson for payment of $800 and needs BOD approval-Amended prior
Mark Hawley Second
Voting- Motion passed Aie’s have it.

All aware of replacing TLCA computer as Park noted and Jacki noted there was in no way a computer implied in the contract. It was TLCA that indicated they had a computer.
Do we buy one or not.

Dave Gibbs- In discussion with Park and Jacki it is an older Dell model, Suggesting that we get a current version of Access and get a computer as a physical asset of the TLCA.
Jacki- Believe we need a CD Burner to communicate effectively Upgrade of the equipment as a whole-
Dave Gibbs- If it cannot be upgraded then we will have a true understanding of the systems needs.
Motion of replacing or not of the PC

Motion on the floor- Let David Gibbs Look at it and upon his discretion
Dave Gibbs for $1195
David Harrision –Move that we authorize up to $1400 for the purchase of a new computer and per David Gibbs discretion
Bruce Lutz Second
Paul Elbisser- Do we have the money in the budget?
David Gibbs- there are funds in the budget and it will be treated as a capital asset. We will get a refund next year from taxes.
Mark Hawley- I see the need for the TLCA to stay Quick moving and for transitions to be able to move on. By moving away from keeping assets it keeps us in a quick moving environment.
Dave Brown- I recognize that the contractor is separate from a separate employee if TLCA owns a modern computer, in the future move the computer.

Deano- does Jacki have the hardware now?
Jacki- no. I do not have the hardware currently.

Paul E, Call the question.

Move that we authorize up to $1400 for the purchase of a new computer and per David Gibbs discretion
Motion failed, Nay’s have it per voting
No=16 Yes=6

Tony anything in the way of software that you would need.

Paul Elbisser: Motion that we buy Microsoft Office for the TLCA use.
Jeff Zepp Second

Alan Loshbaugh- Ask Jacki will this get her enough to get the job done?
Jacki- I don’t know what is ahead and am not sure what I need.
Steven Accord? Would it help if Karr came to help for a few days.

Two opposed.
Yea’s Have it. Motion passed.
Yes=24 No=2

Next meeting Jan 26th
Will be Asking for approval of goals and bylaws
Expect Tony to present things to move the TLCA along and help grow.
Prioritize tasks, Etc.

Via BOD reps, had put up travel expenses for David Gibbs to travel to South Dakota Thurs 30th thru Sunday. Per Diem’s Airfare, overnight stay, etc.
Motion- Rob Blumel- Motion that we pay David Gibbs travel expenses not to exceed $800 to South Dakota.
Johathan Leyman Carolina Second.
Motion passed Aie’s have it.

Mark Hawley- Motion to send the previous Membership Chair to travel to South Dakota a minimum of 2 Eight hour days to visit with the Admin Assistant for $1000.
Johnthan Lehman Seconded.
Motion passed Aie’s have it.

Chris Hatfield wants to hold telephone meeting regarding Trails transition- Contact Erik C for phone in information.

Motion to adjorn-
Adj 9:30 Eastern time.

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