FinnyFam Moab 2014 Trip


Driving miss daisy
Sep 21, 2011
Dixon, Ca
Alright fellas! After reading @concretejungle 's Utah Trip Report, I hope to make the west coast proud with this. I am up late before a big day tomorrow and will type this up better later, but wanted to at least lay something down for y'all to start looking at. I'm no wordsmith, but I can change a diaper like nobody's business!! anyhow, so this will be more of a photojournal thanks to my buddies BA camera...
Drove all night monday from Sacramento
Couldnt sit still once we got here Tuesday afternoon, so I hit up Moab Bar Rim trail for a warm up.

Slept like a log, did family stuff all morning Weds and hit Cliffhanger around noon-1-ish... Drive around the corner in town and see this!!
great trail!! Had so much fun, so gorgeous here!! so different from west coast scenery and wheeling! Heres the entrance, middle and vista off-shoot over poison-spider-mesa, and some shots on the way back out...

slight misplacement of a tire had me thinking twice...

me and some progeny

Final steps back out the way we came in.

Enjoy, there are about 700 more pics to come later!! (need some sleep before hitting the trifecta tomorrow....)
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Oct 24, 2013
Had a blast meeting you guys and running the trifecta! Can't wait to see the photos and videos from the trip!

Did you want the pix I took? If so want me to post what I have here or email them to you?

Couple more teasers:

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