Finally put my 62 in it's place.

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Jun 20, 2010
Got out of Cal. 6 hours east to Nevada. Put new rubber on today. Dug the stock rims out of storage and mounted a set of TOYO open country AT2's. Rides sooooooooooo much better than the BFG ATKO2 that I had been running for the last 27 years(BFG AT). Went from 31" to 28"(stock). The truck loves it! no more down shifting to make it over the passes.

My crawling days are past. No regrets on going back to stock wheels/tires.

Love the added pick up(power). Will see if mpg suffer.

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Looks good. I like the look of my stock 82 fj60 better than my sos’s lifted on 33’s.
Bigger isn’t always better
Just drive it.
Im confused... Did you say "crawling"?
Maybe these were the tires he was running before he switched back.

I seen this somewhere and thought it was a great general guide for picking tire size without ruining drivability.

With stock gearing it definitely feels like my 62 can't get out of its own way going uphill on 31s. I'd like to regear to 4.56 for the duration until I can afford an engine conversion. Hopefully it'll put less stress on the tranny (going to add a cooler in the meantime too) since it'll take less oomph to get moving. Be nice to get a little acceleration back.

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