Finally.. Pics of my 62

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Jun 18, 2005
I have owned this thing a month and never even snapped a pic of it... These pics are after i washed, waxed, gutted in the interior, washed the carpet, seats, and head liner and put it all back together. It looks 100% better now than it did when i bought it.

Here goes.



Whats the best plan of attack on this rust? look for replacement panels or sand blast what i have and hope for the best??


Front fender rust. It's though the metal :frown:


This is what i consider the worst of it.. This is on the body. Strangely enough the drivers side is almost rust free. I wonder if they parked it next to the sprinklers or something.. I mean why else would the pass. side rot and not the drivers? :meh:

Thinkin about doin something like this:


Cutting from the blue line down, sand blasting whats left over, painting it and throwing some MAF fender flares on it to cover the mis-matched paint. .Any better ideas??
Front fenders, hatch, tailgate and hood are still availible from Toyota and all the emblems and seals and trim pieces are also availible. as for the rear quarter. they are not availible..

Every time we have to do them in house we actually make that panel from scratch.

As for the rockers, If you are going to wheel the truck at all the easiest cleanest and I think one of the best fixes is cutting the rocker at the second body line down and weling in a 2x3 rectangle tube and making a slider out of it.

Nice 62 they have a soft spot with me as I have one for DD and one as a Rock buggy.

The question would be what your plans are for the rig. It sounds like it's gonna be a wheeler.
I'll 2nd just cutting away the cancer along the bottom. As far as the lift gate, I'll say find a solid used replacement here on 'Mud, or from Kurt at Cruiser Outfitters which is in UT.

I had half that rust on my own midwest-raised 62 lift gate that I ended up just replacing due to rust inside the window channel.
The rig is for my wife to drive to and from work in.. This is my weekend toy.

I would like to do bumpers, 1 arb and maybe 33's... Just enough to be able to do the Rubicon.. I already have a mini truck thats built but this thing needs some attitude but i dont intend to really wheel it.

I'd like to clean it up even more so than it is.

My ac pump seized up, where can i get one? and is this thing R12 or 134?? it's an 88.
can't beat the freeborn red for color! i had the same rubber moldings on mine (a dealer option i believe) and removed them. much better without imo. simply pull them off and attack the sticky residue with goof-off, a rag and lots of elbow grease.
I love your roof rack!! ;)
Ya its big pimpin'

The Yakima system that came with the vehicle seems pretty cool but the locking mechanism is a joke. I dont have the key for it but i worked around it in about 3 seconds per side.

Is there a better rack for these??
When you want real man mirrors, just PM me and we'll switch. :D

Nice cruiser!
When you want real man mirrors, just PM me and we'll switch. :D

Nice cruiser!

Ya you know you want the power mirrors.. They are bad ass. :flipoff2:

Power mirrors, power locks, ac (more on that later), power steering, this thing is bad ass

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