Finally Installed my 861/862 Springs

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May 7, 2003
Well, I finally got my 861/862 springs installed yesterday. I already had Bilsteins in the cruiser and kept those. My thoughts. The springs definitely are firmer, which the cruiser really needs. There is a little less pitching, and the truck corners a bit flatter, ride quality has improved slightly, moderately firm with no impact harshness.

Now what I don't like. OME did firm of the rates, but they still do not feel balanced. With the stock springs, I felt the front springs were to firm relative to the rears. With the 861/862, I feel like the the rates have increased, but the balance is still not correct. I have to wonder for a stock truck how it would feel with stock front springs and 862 springs in the rear.

did you put the spring on the right sides ? I read that the oem springs are made for the right hand drive vehicles, thereefor the springs should be installed oposite from what they are labled, for the left hand drive vehicles.
I sure hope their on the right side, the Truck is level. Per Christo, if they are labeled RH and LH, they go on the right and left as viewed from the drivers seat.

BTW, lift was 1.125 front and 1.00 rear.

The RH and LH labels are correct in relation to US vehicles for the springs from Christo. I figure you have it right.

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