Finally got me some 285s!

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Jul 2, 2005
New Mexico
To all who've posted about tires on this forum, thanks for the endless reading! There was plenty to pick through!

After tons of internal debate, I decided on the BFG AT 285s based on the ability to find it (almost) anywhere. I REALLY wanted a mud tread, but couldn't justify it due to my rig being my only DD.

First impression: I'm SOOO glad there's a PWR switch! Seems like it raised my shift points just enough. I really like the way she looks now with these tires, but I can see that a 2.5" lift is just around the corner.

Sorry, I don't have a camera, and you all know what 285s look like, anyway!

Get the slee speedo correction gear and you will notice a VERY nice and noticeable improvement (back to stock) in the shift points!

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