Finally got me a cruiser

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May 28, 2010
After years of driving first gen 4runnerss (currently building an 85 in garage) and 2nd gen trucks my daily driver died and left me stranded lol. So I hit craigslist to find my 84 FJ60. The pictures posted made it look in pretty sad shape but when I got there it was really clean. hardly and body rust and the frame is only surface rust. After a tune up it runs better but still a massive turd. I know the 2F if a pig but it wont even spin the tires on loose dirt :lol:. I'm thinking a 4btt/700r4/205,203 split case is coming unless someone can steer me toward a better route for it. As for the 2F, I need to figure out what is wrong with it that is causing it to be so gutless. It has 185,000 miles on it and I have no clue what the original owners had done. The front passenger spring is bent so a SOA is in store in the near future as well. Trying to decide what color to spray bomb it for the time being thinkinng a black hood and kahkie but might go O.D. green instead. Anyways here is a picture of it with my tires installed since the stock ones didn't match:

Looks like a nice one!

About the unable to break loose on dirt:

Are those tires larger than stock?

Does the engine hesitate when the clutch is released after building power? Or is it simply the "power" doesn't get there?

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Yes the tires are 31's which I'm sure doesn't help. As for the tire spinning on dirt it just bogs out. I'm sure it needs a carb rebuild and more vacuum lines replaced. Probably needs the engine rebuilt but I think a swap will happen first.
Check your ignition timing. It might be too retarded.
Just like Heartworm sayscheck the timing, and then you can go on to do all general maintenance on it. Rule out all the little things.
After the details but before a motor swap, I would put a vacuum gauge on it to see if there is something affecting the power, like a restricted exhaust. Also check to see the throttle is opening the carb butterfly all the way.

I got it running better. I'm sure the exhaust is an issue as it is the original exhaust lol. Got bored this morning and painted the hood:


Thinking once I can afford to do it right stain black on hood and desert tan on the rest but my girl wants me to paint the rest factory blue lol.

Took it for about a 100 mile drive today and it ran pretty good besides a few hick ups from the fuel pump not keeping up and ran into this creature on the way home about 7 miles from my house:


Over all I love this thing and can't wait to get it lifted.
Well since I paid $800 for it and the engine swap is in the near future I spent the better half of the day looking at swaps from diesel to gas. My biggest deal is I am going to be sitting on something in the 37-40" tire range when all is said and done. Yes I know that kills mileage but I'm using this for my DD, shop rig, family expedition rig and yes it will be driven all over North America and possibly even south. I would like to obtain at least 15mpg on the freeway in it. The 5.3 swap looks nice but I have a 350 TBI and 700r4 in my 92 suburban that is dead in my drive way. So I would have to justify the 5.3 over it. As for diesel I was thinking of a 4bt but the noise could be bothersome to the family on long trips so how are Toyota diesel parts availability in the U.S.? I know for the 2f I have to order everything online as it is and it is annoying. My girl already gave me the go ahead for the swap once I decide which way i want to go but reliability is my main focus so we don't get stranded. Yes the diesel mileage would be nice too.

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