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Apr 30, 2012
Scored a 93 White Locked super clean for $1500 in NC. There is not a bit of rust. There are no dents on the body at all! Actually the is a small convex dent fron the inside. Looks like some one threw the jack in and put a dime size dent from the inside out. Should be able to smooth that out with some light hammer/dolley work. It has brand new Nitto Terras on it. Recent after market shocks. A brand new all metal radiator/hoses/blue fan hub. It also comes with remote start. Everything works even the anttenna. Has a sweet stereo to boot.

Now here is the bad. The motor has a tick-mild knock. It still runs and drives like top. Not sure if its a stuck lifter. Or a broken valve spring. Possible it could be a rod in the early stages of going. Man that 1FZE has a lot of torque!

I really want to put a 6.2 diesel in it with a A440. Would like to keep it stupid simple. Or may just try and find a low mile 1FZE and freshen it up a bit. But I do a lot of fishing. And haul my flats skiff down to the coast 1-2 times a month from Lexington. Just got back from 4 days fishing the flats in the Keys.:steer: And the thought of 8-10 mpg towing has me leaning to the diesel. Even though my 18'1" skiff is only 800lbs boat/motor thanks to kevlar/carbon construction. The MPG will still suck ass!

If any one is curious what it really takes to do a conversion. And doesn't mind getting thier hands dirty. I have 2 bay shop and with a fridge full of cold beer!:cheers:
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Oh yeah. I didn't find this club till after I picked my handle. I actually have been using SwampFox for several years on other forums. It must be destiny;)
Good deal, bro. Now get involved and let us become a bad influence.
You need years to make the diesel conversion to pay for itself. Not cost effective unless you blow your motor or have 5k-10k for a decent conversion.
Stay gas, let people like Bessinger and people who drive Prius worry about gas mileage
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