Finally built an anti-wrap(traction) bar

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Aug 8, 2004
Gig Harbor, WA
After snapping the pinion in the rear, i decided it was time to build a traction bar. Bought the kit from, and added 3/4" heims with missalignment spacers and a small shackle to the order. Used round 1.25"x.120 walled DOM. Took me about 4.5 hours, start to finish. Doesnt limit flex, pinion doesnt move.
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All that welding on the wrap bar and you go a use ubolts to mount your shocks.

Nice job. I've heard the shackle needs to be as much of a 90 degree angle as possible. Why go with 2 heim joints on the front and not just a fixed mount with a bushing like the rears? I would think it would have less of a chance to move left or right and bend some crap. But I'm no expert. Yours it 10 times better than the piece of crap I have.
Awful lot of leverage on that shackle anchor on your skid plate....


I agree with Poser. Every time you let the clutch pedal out, your trying to do a small wheelie. I've seen Baja racers build a whole chromoly angulated cage for a front traction bar mount, then rip it right out of the frame. Seems to me you could expect some trouble from your skid plate mount???
I like your design. I dunno about the skid plate mount strength question, but if you wanted to change that skid plate mount, you could use a rear shackle mount tube and stock bushings. You still have rotational flex with the single heim.

Mine will be similar with the forward mount being the shackle tube/bushings and a jonny joint instead of a heim.

your pops told me you were working on a trac bar......I cant coment on the design but as long as your having fun...enjoy :)
Trollhole- Dint want to weld to that crossmember if i didnt have to. Might change that though. I had the shackle straight up and down at first, but something shifted when it was tack welded and i took it off to fully weld. Kinda stuck with it for now. Whats worse case with 2 heims?

Poser-The skid plate frame is 1 1/4" tube, 3/16 thick. Then a 1/4" sheet of steel for the plate. i drilled a hole in the 1 1/4 tube for the bung to recess into and then welded it. Ya think its that weak? I figure its a hell of a lot stronger than mounting it to the stock crossmember, which is even thinner steel. Or are thinking the weld in bung/heim may bend/break?

Downey-Arent baja racers pushin 600hp plus? Ive got a '72 F. I think ive got 1hp, maybe 2.

Landpimp- yeah he said you were over the other day. Still gettin feed back on the tracbar. It was fun building it. Best part is testing it after a new mod (sm420/locker/etc) and seeing if it works/breaks. Still have any parts you want to get rid of? I need to build a set of hard half doors soon.

vt78cruiser- umm...steel?? I took the front and rear driveshafts off a '72 and a '67 fj40 to the driveline shop and had them use the parts that were in the best shape to make me 1 new one, haha. Had to drill out the holes on the flange to use bigger bolts though. Why?

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