filling knucklle with grease

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Feb 15, 2012
Black Diamond, Wa
Looking into adding moly grease to my knuckles. Removed both plugs and looks as if I can fit a considerable amount back in.

Have read up on this and seems a needle attachment on grease gun is the best way, others have said drill and tap the plug to add a grease fitting.

I don't have a needle attachment on my grease gun, has anyone filled a ziplock bag and filled them piping bag style (think cake frosting)? Probably will be pretty messy.
IIRC the opening is big enough to fit a standard grease gun fitting into. No point over thinking it

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Yep. I have a flexible hose on my grease gun and I just shoved the end of the hose in there and pumped.........

And pumped and pumped and pumped.......

I think it was the first time anyone had done it on my cruisers lifespan.


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