filling Front Diff w/Fluid

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May 15, 2005
Forgive me if this is a dumb question, but what is the best way to fill the front diff? It took me forever to fill mine as there isn't a whole lot of room to get a good angle to squirt it in. :confused:
I ended up buying gallons with a hand pump and hose. I pour quarts into the gallon jub I have when I can't find gallons.
I buy my oil in 5 gallon buckets--then I take a clear hose and set the bucket up about hood height and fill the diffs/transfer case until the oil runs out--you could also use a funnel and have somebody fill the funnel while you are below.
I'll have to get a set up like that. I tried a funnel/hose contraption, but it was way slow - Probably because it was cold and the hose inner diameter was only 1/4 inch. I ended up cutting up one of the quart bottles so I could squeeze in half a quart at a time. Major pain.
You need one of this...

There are about two types available for less than $10 each - one that fits over a quart bottle and the other fits over a gallon jug.
I found what amounts to giant syringe that does the trick.....looks like the black full size grease guns....but just has the plunger and a clear hose. I am in your area.....PM me as you are welcome to borrow it if you like.
The smaller diff oil containers have a pointed tip. I managed to easily fill both diffs
JATO Cruiser said:
I found what amounts to giant syringe that does the trick.....looks like the black full size grease guns....but just has the plunger and a clear hose. I am in your area.....PM me as you are welcome to borrow it if you like.

I used one like that for the TC, which is harder to do than the pumpkins, and may not take kindly to bottles, and it was still a pain and a mess. Gonna get myself a hand pump, I think...
One point in the hope it helps ... in the long run those common cheap hand pumps are gonna cause grief; goto the local marine supply store and get a good one. They make them pump everything from thick gear oil to bilge buildup out. They will cost around 30$ but they last so much longer and pull so much stronger than the ones in the McParts stores. HTH :cheers:
I agree with those who said just buy gear oil in the 1qt containers. First time I swapped mine I spent half a day under there fighting a small hand pump- forget that, plus that's one more thing in the garage that's always in your way, and next year when you need it again it'll be all full of sawdust and you'll have another project on your hands.

I just squirt it in, using the 1 qt containers. When one gets low just switch to a freshie, when that gets low pour a low one into it to fill it up a little more. Swap the same tip you cut off from one to the next to save even more time, when they get real low you can just mash them up like a tube of toothpaste. But you never need to get the last drop out of a bottle, keep pouring those back into fuller ones. Then use an un-cut top to store your last remaining half jug so it doesn't spill in your truck. :)
I buy gallon jugs of redline gear oil and the handpump that comes with it. The hand pump stays in the jug and does not get sawdust nor have I had a problem with it ever not pumping. It has a clamp on the end of the hose. When I can't get the gallon jugs, I buy quarts and pour them in the gallon jug. Course, you can't get redline (as far as I know) in the qt containers with the pointy end.
My vote - handpump. Ten minutes start to finish and you are done.
I use the one quart container w/ about 1ft of tygon tubing. The tubing gives me some play to get it in. Low tech solution, no mess and easy.

I use a pump like the one in the picture. I usually buy 5 gallon Delo oil buckets from my local Chevron dealer (one at a time, the last me about a year). I think it's one of the best non-synth oils you can get.


It takes very little room in my garage and it's fast and easy to use.


I'm going to look into the Redline and the pumps as well. Thanks again! :)
just thought i would mention this, i think i did in some other thread regarding the same subject. I was just testing the ability of the pointy tip gear lub bottles to tip up and allow all the gear oil to flow into the diff, basically making sure there was enough clearance to tip the bottle. What happened is the blue plastic cap shot off and inside the diff. Probably a one-in-a-million chance, but it did happen so be careful. I just left it in there for a few thousand miles and then drained the fluid out , poured some marvel mystery oil in and drained to clean out the diff, then flushed with cheap gear oil, then put in the good stuff (m1 syn).

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