Fiberglass Supplier in LA?

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Feb 14, 2009
los angeles, kahlifornia
Hi all,

I'm going to try my hand at redoing my dash with carbon fiber.

There are a couple good online resources for supplies, but i was wondering if anyone knew of any good local places in los angeles?

googling returned nothing, which seems strange, so maybe someone on here knows of a place.

You won't find carbon fiber cloth on the shelf anywhere - in fact, its hard to find in any good quantity online, the aerospace industry has been hogging it for years!

Any boating store (West Marine etc) will have resin and fiberglass cloth/mat. So does home depot.
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sucks. you'd think it would be readily available and manufacturers would be making it by the ton.

Oh they are! But aerospace is using it by the ton.

Here is a note about it (slightly old):
Carbon Fiber News: TAP Plastics

Which explains why most of the "carbon fiber" stuff out there is fake. Either its a CF-like laminate applied over virtually anything, or its black fiberglass (which can be quite convincing. Since I suspect you don't really need the stength/weight ratio that carbon provides, try investigating the black fiberglass.

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