Fiberglass fender mounting?

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May I have another!!!
Mar 29, 2003
Northern Minnesota
Has anyone here ever installed fiberglass fenders? I got a set with my Gozzard tub and I am getting ready to install them. I think my biggest question is how do you get the stock support bracket that is fastened underneath the original steel fender off? ???

It definetly is still attached, is it spot welded? Just wondering who else has had to remove that, how they did it? How did you bond the steel support bracket to fiberglass fender, I would imagine some sort of adhesive? ???

Anyone out there with some advice?

Thanks in advance, Matt
Hey Matt,

When I picked up mine from Mike... this is what he told me to do:

Drill out the spot welds on the existing fenders to remove the support bracket. Believe he said you will need to trim some of the top part of the bracket, since the glass fenders are thicker...but I'm sure u'll be able to tell once to mock fit them.

Then just drill out holes in the fenders and mount them with bolts to the old bracket up to the top fender peice.

Think it was pretty straight forward from what he said....nothing to look out for.

Hope this helps!
Yo Han
Hi Yo Han,

When you say,

"Then just drill out holes in the fenders and mount them with bolts to the old bracket up to the top fender peice."

Do you mean to drill holes through the bracket and fender where they wouldn't show in the engine compartment? Not through the top of the fender and bracket? Wondering if it wasn't bolted on top if it would have bonded some how? I wouldn't want it to bounce and crack?

PS, don't forget those instructions and diagram, I'll probably give you call before 10 if I get them before that. :)

Thanks, Matt
Howdy Matt,

You got it hoss. Just bolt the L-bracket along the engine compart ment. He did not say he bonded the top portion on with anything. Had the impression that it was a snugg fit. But u could lay down some rubber or something b/w the top part of the bracket and fender, if you are concerned.

Yo Han

You also attach it to bid with hole and boltz, where the cowl mets the bottom of the fenders and where it meets aprons.

Yo han

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