FFL in Bozeman?

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May 31, 2010
Anyone know a good FFL in Bozeman for a transfer? I am looking to order a rifle and would need a FFL for the transfer. I am a out of state resident. I think I can still purchase a long gun but just not pistols. Anyone know if that is correct?
Don't know the regs off hand, but check with Scott at Sixgun, LLC in Bozeman. 406-223-4510 I think, if that # doesn't work I can get an alternate. He can tell you what is needed and do the FFL thing if you like.
Thanks guys. Thats what i am looking to do. Any idea what they charged for the transfer? If I just wait until i go back to Georgia i can get free transfers. But some times if you wait, things dry up.

I am thinking about doing a SBR build with this set:
2A Armament Balios Lite Billet AR-15 Receiver Set - 2A-556-2 - Primary Arms
Maybe a 8" 300BLK with a mini ACOG??? dont really know yet. A build like that will take a few years for me.

But the stuff is hard to find in stock. So i would like to have a FFL lined up encase i find a set in stock.
i used to work for a pawn shop. so maybe i can help you out. Most shops in the area are going to charge $25-20 bucks. My shop used to do $25 or less if you were repeat/ multiple gun buyer, or spent some money on stuff while you were in the shop. we used to sell guns at wholesale cost plus shipping plus the transfer fee.

The difficulty you will run into is that most FFLs will only sell to you if you have a valid id from a neighboring state. This was our policy as there are to many local laws to keep up with. And you going to need to have the address match the one you have on your 4473. That means if you live locally you may not have an address that matches your ID. thats a big one. Voter ID, Fishing license or car registration work to verify your address.

The other problem you might run into with AR's is that if you are buying a striped lower, if the FFL is doing their paperwork correctly you will receive it as an other- not designated as a long gun or handgun. And from previous experiences i have found that you can not sell an other to an out of state resident because, in the eyes of the ATF you might build it into a pistol and out of state buyers of handguns are a no-go. We tried and the transaction was canceled.

The previous two statements assume that the FFL is not doing their paperwork incorrect, we were always very particular about keeping everything 100% correct.

just my 2 cents. I worked there for a couple of years, so i have transferred a couple of guns.
Good info and good point on it. I will just have it sent to my regulat FFL back home. My DL and everything is all Georgia. All of it is legal and all matches. I do contract work here so I am here for a long period of time but all my legal address and everything is still Georgia.

Although I think many of the gun laws are stupid. I have no interest in going to jail. So I do my best to follow them to the letter. Especially with my class III stuff.

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