few questions about new purchase?

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Mar 25, 2005
Central valley (Cali)
ok folks came over from the 40 threads....looking at buying a new fj....we own a'66 fj40 and will use this new fjc as daily driver and as in hopes to get the wife more involved in 4 wheelin....(ac/heaterand other comforts?)

so my question is a long one...well long answer maybe?

if you where to buy again what options would you want or not want that you have now...my buy will be aouto.tranny 4x4..eventually built for lite /moderate wheeling and expidition type trips...

my brother in law works for toyota so i will be ordering if i do buy one! any comments would be great....thanks james:cheers:
Hey James,

I work for Southeast Toyota Distributors down in Florida and just ordered my Trail Team Edition FJ. I, like you, am trying to get the girl involved and was trying to balance comforts and capabilities. I personally like the monotone color. I pretty much ordered the basics. The Trail Team package comes with a lot, but pricey. I didn't get the roof rack, because we will be going with an ARB and tent for the top. Also didn't get the Tow hitch Package, because the ARB will be replacing and requires it own. Did get the interior lights. They are a nice option. Good luck with your purchase...:)
I got my 2008 in BRICK with Convenience Group, Upgrade Package 1 (includes subwoofer), tow hitch and wiring, roof rack, all weather mats, SIRIUS. The ATrac, Locker, 17" wheels came standard with the two packages.

Only thing I would do different is not get the rack and go with an aftermarket from Gobi or someone similar with a basket configuration and front wind deflector.

I am very pleased with everything else....cruise control, side window sun visors, driver armrest, standard seat covers, AUTO transmission, rear parking sonar, 6-disc FJAMMER.

I bought the Tuffy Security Console for my FJ....some places offer it as an option at port. Not only gives very secure storage but better armrest.

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