Few mechanical problems. please help.


Apr 29, 2003
OneSikKruizer said:
Hello everyone again. The landcruiser is still basically stock but i have come across a few problems recently.

Normally i am able to start my landcruiser right up with no problem. As of recent, my check engine light will come on and when it does it has an affect on starting the vehicle. I notice that i can start the vehicle up once or twice after the engine light comes on but after my third, and sometimes second attempt, the car will not turn over. the battery guage shows 12 volts and the when i turn the ignition i will only get the "click" from the starter. I then have to get it jump started and the engine light will turn off and everything is ok until the next time the check engine light turns on. i have changed the battery and the distributor already. Normally when the engine light goes off it will stay like that for a couple of days then it will turn on. But once again, 2 successful attempts at starting the engine and then the next attempt is nothing. any help?

Secondly, i did an oil change on the vehicle rougly a week ago. before the oil change the idle was smooth on the cruiser. All of a sudden on my last oil change, the minute i finished the oil change and started the car, i had a rough idle. the idle began to drop to 600rpms and then float back up and drop again. this is quite frequent. It acts as though it wants to drop the rpms all the way and shut off but it never decends below 500rpms. any answers.

Couple ideas...for #1 your CEL and starting issues may be two seperate problems. Pull the codes for the CEL that would help alot. Your starting issue may be your starter contacts...

#2 Clean your throttle body...search there is a ton of info with detailed instructions.

Also some more info like...year of truck...mileage...would go along way for your cause...
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