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Dec 13, 2002
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Took the fenders off to fix 'em today. No pics. No camera. I'll try to fix that tomorrow.

Pounded out the tree bites. Bastid trees.

Welded the flare holes shut.

cut out the rusted areas and welded in new steel.

skim coated with filler and primered. Tomorrow they get bedlinered where the flares were and repainted everywhere else.

Thots and ponderings...


It is way easier to work with the fenders if you take them off. It is pretty easy to take them off and you find lots of stuff you really should take care of when you do. I will definately take the fender off if I do another snorkel. Getting those back nuts on was a PIA with the fender on.

Dechroming is happening now that the grill and headlight bezels are off.

Flares trap crud and cause rust in the bottom rear corners of the fenders.

Get more speed nuts and more 6mm body bolts if you live in the rust belt

rattlecans of 045 are hard to find. 040 and 041 are available, but not the same shade of white. I'm gonna have to have a pint mixed and get one of those spray do-hickeys with the propelant on top and the glass jar on the bottom.

turn signal lights don't do well when submerged and not tended to. They were rusted solid.

The fenders are pretty well sealed. Any mud in mine came through the engine compartment first.

I'm gonna get these fenders all pretty and then I'm just gonna jam the truck through two trees a 4Skinner couldn't fit through and be pissed at myself.

The 80 looks pretty cool without fenders on it. kinda Fj-55-esque.


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Oct 27, 2003
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Body work is much easier with panels removed -- especially when using a body hammer and dolly :D
The ROP body/fender class I took during the summer before my senior year in high school taught me a bunch. I don't mind body work too much.

:cheers: to good teachers :)


May 21, 2003
hmmm kinda cosmic.

I too yanked a fender yesterday. I however have a replacement fender that I'm going to swap on as my body skillz rate at 0. ;)
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