Fender Flare Installation Q

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Nov 22, 2008
Richmond B.C.
I picked up a set of used UB40 rear fender flares I mocked them up and outlined them for cutting,when I measured up it appears the top holes will be above the wheel wells inside the tub.
Is this correct or have I mocked them up wrong I don't want to trim the fender if this is not right.:hmm:
I have used Bushwacker flares, same issue. If you are cutting out your rear fenders for tire clearance before you put the flares on the top side of the cut will be determined by the location of your inner fenders and not by the profile of the flares, and the upper row of fastener holes (rivets with the Bushwackers) will be above the wheel wells.
These are very similar to the Man-a-fre units installed on my rig last year. I was going for running taller, wider tires and needed the clearance.
Yes, the rear flares are bolted through the tub wall above the wheel well. Recommend small machine screws, washer, lock washer & nut in deference to the sm screws depicted in the UB40 install instructions.
Thanks guys just wanted to make sure before I take the cutting torch to her....LOL
no cutting torch just a hacksaw.
I just used aviation snips and a steady hand. went very well.
Blunted the edges, cleaned off any fractured paint/undercoating, prepped and undercoated liberally over the entire fresh cut. No issues so far even with the pacific salt air.

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