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Jan 13, 2004
Montréal, Canada
I read several thread on that... but I'm still not sure (sorry...)

I just need to know something by a simple question.

I buy a kit include : 1/8 & 1/4 NPT pressure adaptor.

Is I'm on the good way ?

Is the female thread in the block are BSP or NPT ?

Did I need a NPT to BSP adaptor ?
Jan 16, 2005
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Just cut and pasted this from a post I made a couple days ago. s***ty little guage but it comes with the perfect adapter. hell, after all the hassle I had looking for an adapter years ago, I'd have gladly paid ten bucks for one!

{{{{I just hooked up an el cheapo crappy tire oil pressure guage ( which by the way, came with an adaptor from 1/8-28 BPT to 1/8 NPT pretty damn cool for a 10 dollar guage!!)

in case anyones interested that cheap ass guage I bought was a equus #6044, I mention it because I recall in the days of the diesel list it was really hard to find anything with the proper threads, and this came with a nice little brass adapter.}}}}


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