Feels Like Driving Over Rumble Strips

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Sep 30, 2003
Woodstock, GA
Hey all. Randomly my 2006 LX feels like it is driving over rumble strips while driving ~30-40mph under light load. If I give it gas or let go of gas it immediately goes away. It can repeat this 2-3 times and then goes away until the next drive. Any guesses before I take it to the mechanic? Thank you in advance.

EDIT: I had a transmission rebuild last year about 2k miles ago.
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On the 6 speed automatics they had an issue with them stuttering between gears if the fluid was getting towards its end of life. Try to see if it occurs under light power between shifts. An ATF fluid change at the dealer will fix the issue.
This sounds like a bad u-joint but it coming and going is a little odd.

I'd pull the rear driveshaft first and lock the CDL, go for a drive in front wheel. The fronts are rarely the problem but you can swap the rear back in and repeat by taking the front out and going for a drive.
U-joints or the spindle bearings on the front driveshafts. My 2 c.
Update, took it to the transmission shop as the first step since it is still under warranty and was the last thing worked on. They thought it may be the torque converter based on my description. They checked it over and discovered while driving and having the computer plugged in a cylinder 4 misfire. So I will take it to the normal shop to get that checked over.

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