FEELER supercharged, 96 FZJ 80, $12k, VA

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United States
curious to see if anyone is interested in my 80. the vehicle is currently sitting at my work without a head on it(blew head gasket) it will be running and all back together if purchased.

I am only selling the 80 because i cannot afford to drive it and i don't want it to sit

I am the second owner and the vehicle was originally from california. I have all the service records up to me purchasing it. I even have the orig. window sticker.

I need $12k to cover purchase and repair costs

the good:
liquid intercooled supercharger
dual blue top optima batteries
Longrange Automotive tank(35 gal)
factory elec lockers
CDL switch




It doesn't have the Kaymar on it anymore, but it will have an IPOR rear bumper on it.

the bad:
small dent in drivers side of the tail gate
rear locker doesn't work
Looking for any trades + $$$?
I'm trying to ditch my 62 so the wife will be happy about a baby riding in a vehicle with airbags.
Let me know...I'm in Richmond
1988 FJ62...Leather interior (an 8 out of 10) 196k miles,new OME heavy, rear bumper w/swing out, cut rear quarter, cut rockers with integrated sliders, new exhaust, alt, brakes, rebuilt front axle. Just needs some paint :D

The rear bumper and 1/4 protection will be done this weekend.
curious how much without the repair done?
did it overheat prior to blowing the hg?

pics of interior?
doing the repair won't cost me anymore money, just time.

I have to get the 12k to pay back the bank

it didn't overheat, it blew right as i was pulling into the complex i work in. the machine shop said it looked very good and didn't have to machine it much.

i'll get some pics of interior soon.

what kind of ratio trade/cash are you looking for?

unfortunatly i can't do very much in the way of trading. your 62 looks pretty nice.
bump for a nice truck. Best of luck getting your price in this market.

Good to see the original Cameron Concepts (I think?) supercharger - that's a rare one for sure! Who was the PO?

You might consider selling the supercharger by itself, may retrieve more $$ if sold separately. You could probably get $2,500 for that then the rig itself wouldn't be overpriced at $9,500 (?)
how many miles?
PM me if you're interested in a possible trade!

Denver, CO
PO = Previous Owner I believe.

and you're not a tard :D
the PO was from California and is into going fast. his name is Mark Kiaser. he told me that the company was developing the kit and used this vehicle to do so. i kind of played it off as just hyping the sale, but i guess it might be true. i was suprised to find that noone else has the kit that this truck has.

Reality: i will get it back together, drive it and fall in love again, and then not sell it.

i am aware of the soft 80 market right now, it is kind of a love hate situation

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