For Sale Feeler: FJ62-FZJ80 mash up, yup a 62 on an 80 chassis

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I am leaving the country so I need to sell this project.

I got a really nice 62 body from Georgia. There is zero rust on it. It does have a little parking lot rash, some scratches and the rear tailgate has a dent that would be best if it was repaired. I have had the truck since 2012 and I have very slowly been collecting OEM and NOS parts for it. I have about $5k (with receipts) in OEM & NOS parts for the body an interior. Some really outstanding parts like one of the last dash caps out there that cost $750. It has no windshield but I have the gasket and all the rest of the glass is really nice. The 62 was complete when I got it besides the axles being gone, the engine was also blown and I tossed it. All body, interior and wiring is here and complete and uncut and not trashed. I stripped the truck down as I was going to paint it. However the stock paint is savable, I am just not a fan of the old electric blue. I do have the frame for the 62 also which is seriously mint, zero rust. I also have the trans + t-case. I have removed all the factory sound deadening on the floor in the truck. Before I tore it down I tossed a battery in it and tried all power windows and door locks plus wipers, lights, ect. Only thing that didn't work was one rear door power lock. All parts from tear down are bagged and tagged and boxed up. I got a like new ProCar Elite Lumbar seat for the drivers seat.

I have two very nice rust free FZJ80 frames. One I have already started the fabrication on to put the 62 body on it. I have removed all body mounts, shortened the frame 5" so it has a 108 wheelbase and I have reinforced where it was shortened with 1/4" & 3/16's plate. This is no hack job, I know what I am doing and I have nice tools. The chassis has locked FZJ axles with Low Range Off-Road wiring kits, ARB style switches. They work excellent. Both axles are rebuilt with new brakes all around. Both panhards have Slee weld in adjusters. It sits on Slee 4" coils, HDP in the back. Front axle I did a cut & turn on setting caster at 4.5*. Steering is GM 1-ton Y-link with a King damper. I have both FJ80 and FJ60 steering boxes. Like I say I have two 80-series frames, one is untouched. The other like I say I have shortened, I am also currently working on making body mounts to fit the 62 body and lengthen the rear frame rails 6". I have RuffStuff 12" coilover towers and I am planning to fit some 12" King c/o's. I have an untouched stock cross member and I also have one modified for a 4L60e trans. I got some other stuff like fuel lines, all the brake lines, A/C lines, p/s lines, ect ect ect. I think I have both 80 & 62 fuel tanks.

I am thinking I need to let this project go because my only other choice will be to put it in storage for 2, 3 or even 5+yrs.

I got a build thread going on this truck in the 60-series section.
FJ60+62+(Z)80+ v8


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Bit more of a straight forward description. We all know how people love to read blah'ing! :)

1988 FJ62: 206,000 on the body, originally a Georgia truck. Only a body & frame with all interior.
-zero rust! A few small dings here and there on the body, parking lot rash.
-Nearly $5k in OEM & NOS parts to restore interior and few things for the body. New dash cap, new dash gauge surround piece, new front corner marker lights, new tail light lens, all new door handles, new turn signal and wiper switch, new wheel well guards (the rubber ones), new fuse box cover, new windshield washer jar, all new emblems, lot's of new weatherstripping, new wipers and arms front & rear, new rear hatch lock and key, other new parts for the rear hatch, new sun visor clips, new master switch for p/w & locks, new drivers seat belt and on and on and on.
-I have all the original seats, front and back.
-I have all the heater stuff except for the rear heater, that is mounted in my buddies BJ40!
-brake master and booster, used and original but looks great.
-wiring harness uncut and in good condition.
-pedals and all that jazz.
-steering wheel, column and FJ62 steering box.
-All new wiper arm pivot points.
-headliner in good shape and still in the truck.
-I have all the 62 shifter stuff.
-brand new UZJ100 rear view mirror, manual, I am sure it can be made to work in the 62, it is the right color and won't look out of place.

1994 FZJ80 chassis: clean and rust free, unknown mileage. Shortened to 108" wheelbase.
-locked and rebuilt axles. Low Range Off-Road e-locker wiring kits.
-7075 2" solid aluminum rear lower control arms, Johnny Joints.
-Front axle is part time 4wd with Aisin hubs. ABS delete.
-All new rotors and pads at all 4 corners.
-steering converted to GM Y-link with 1-ton tres. Cut & turn on front axle setting caster at 4.5*.
-rear stainless extended brake line.
-Slee panhard adjusters, new panhard bushings.
-all steel and rubber brake lines and fittings.
-King steering damper.
-Slee HDP 4" rear coils.
-All new bushings in rear upper control arms and front radius arms, 3* OME bushings in the radius arms iirc.
-FJ80 steering box.
-FJ80 brake master & booster, good condition.
-P/S hard lines.
-pretty sure I have all the FJ80 shifter stuff.
-front & rear drivelines, front is freshly rebuilt and balanced.
-RuffStuff 12" shock towers.
-King 12" Coilovers for the front. :)

Misc Parts to use or sell:
-x2 trans crossmembers, one from the 62 unmodified and one from the 80 that is modified for a 5.7L and 4L60e.
-FJ62 front & rear drivelines, original.
-FJ62 & FJ80 fuel tanks, 80 tank has an GM fuel pump already in it.
-FJ62 frame, mint, zero rust! Sell it to recoup $$$.
-FJ80 frame, very nice with zero rust. Unmodified except for Advanced Adapters motor mounts welded in.
-Magnaflow muffler. Used but good.
-FJ62 auto trans & t-case. 206k on them. Bellhousing and tc included.
-x5 Mickey Thompson Classic 2 wheels, 15"x8.5", they do work on the 80 axles, I ground down the rotors.
-"Step sliders" welded onto original unmodified FJ80 frame.
-x5 35x12.5" Cooper SST tires, 70%+ tread, the spare is new and never been on the ground.
-Slee control arm bushing replacement tool.
-FJ62 Jack and tool kit.
-FJ80 sway bars, both front and rear, complete.
-spare control arms, radius arms, panhards and steering (tie rod & drag link from both 80 & 62).
-1.5" Metaltech front coil spacers.
-Slee 4" front coilsprings.
-Man-A-Fre radius arm drop brackets.

I am sure there is lot's of other stuff I am forgetting but that is what I come up with off the top of my head. Truck will be a roller with cab work finished and body on the new chassis. Make no mistake this is a project! Drop a 12HT and H55 in it or go 6BT and NV4500 or go 6L GM v8 and 4L80e or better!

$15,000obo and located in Jackson, Wyoming.



dash cap1.jpg

fj62 8.jpg


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Complete listing of new parts, I am putting the part number on items I am not 100% sure what they are for.

-Seat belt assembly, front outer. x1
-#2 DIN slot bay for dash. x1
-door courtesy switch for overhead interior lights. x4
-front fender running lights, orange. x2
-grab handle mounting hole plugs. x8
-grab handle, mounting hole plugs, rear hatch handle. x2
-sun visor holder clips. x2
-tail gate lock button. x2
-rear defrost switch. x2
-front left & right wiper arms and blades. x2
-front wiper linkage assembly. x1
-front wiper arm cover-cap. x2
-front door lock knob-cover. x2
-front door lock assembly with key. x1
-outer door handles. x4
-rear hatch lock-latch assembly. x1
-LHS rear tail light lens. x1
-misc trim clip. x9 I think it is for the front wheel well mud guards. 90467-08011
-window washer pump, front. x1
-window washer jar, front. x1
-misc weatherstripping. x2 69971-90k00
-steering column clam shell, top & bottom. x1 each
-over head courtesy light, main. x1
-over head courtesy light, rear. x1
-hood latch cable. x1
-hood edge rubber bumps in engine bay. x4
-front wheel well inner mud guards, LHS & RHS + front & rear. x4
-hood rod clip-rest, plastic. x1
-rear hatch window weatherstripping. x1
-inside door handle trim-bezel. x2
-misc rubber grommet. x1 90480-15002
-rear wiper arm. x2
-rear wiper arm cap-cover. x2
-door lock lever-knob trim. x2
-steering wheel horn cover, "Toyota". x1
-dash main cluster trim-bezel. x1
-door weatherstripping. x2 67861-90A00
-door master switch. x1
-front door window channel run. x2
-rear door window channel run. x2
-rear door outer squeegee-weather stripping, chrome. x2
-fuse box cover. x1
-outeside "Land Cruiser" emblems. x2
-turn signal switch assembly (spare). x1 84140-26040
-dash cap. x1
-windshield weatherstripping x1
-rear license plate light assembly x1

There may be another box around, still looking!

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Heya- are u offloading your 62 frame by chance?

YES! It needs a home badly, I really don't want to cut it up and recycle it.


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