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Aug 29, 2011
Santa Barbara, CA
Vehicle Model
  1. LX570
93110 Santa Barbara California, United States
Bought it in November in Utah, drove it the next day to Santa Barbara. Wish I had kept the old '06 100 series(the Moab Brewery truck). Don't need this kind of vehicle just to drive the dog to the beach so I am asking the collective brain trust how much is might be worth in these crazy times. 2 row, black interior, immaculate condition. Originally a NJ truck but no more rust that my buddy's here in SB that has never left CA. Tires are great and everything works (that is if you can figure out the f**ng nav system). I am seeing similar rigs on Cars or Cargurus or Autotrader for north of $70k. Is that really a thing? If so what is the best site to sell this beast?
Thanks in advance for any input.
Apr 27, 2012
I paid $69.5 for a rust free CPO 2018 LX 3 rows a few weeks ago. Price is inclusive of dealer fees but before tax, tags and title. I feel like there was another $500-$1k to trim from the price if I clawed for it. California car in atomic silver/black (what I wanted). Mileage was higher than yours at 39k but with perfect service records and in excellent overall condition. I was seeing ~$2k discount for 2 rows. Assuming you are similarly optioned (luxury package w/HUD being the one that moves the needle), I'd say you're looking at:

+ 1.5 (mileage)
- 2.0 (2 rows)
- 1.5 (CPO)
- 2.0 (private party sale)
- 1.0 (fat in my price)
$64.5 private party sale

Mine came with new brakes and tires all around and the 40k service completed, so maybe subtract a little there depending on condition.

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