Feb. 7-8 2015 Southington Offroad Park - NE Ohio

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Mar 14, 2014
Columbus, Ohio
So I am thinking about going up to Southington for their first opening of 2015. Just wanted to share in case others wanted to join. For me, it all depends on weather, but there are other more local FJ guys who usually attend regardless.



What is the park like as far as wheeling? wouldn't mind turning the hubs in for a change.
Its all very easy IMO. Pretty wet and sandy for a lot of it in the "lower rim" area..."upper rim" is more wooded and dry. There are a lot of backwoods trails I wont touch as they are just mud ruts. I have the black FJ in the pics above and that is all the dirt I got on it from a full day there...not bad! :) I am more into moderate rocky trails, and they just dont have much in that category...still fun to get some 4x4 time in.

Here are a bunch of videos (if they are public) that a guy took who followed me through last time. It was my first time there, but his first time wheeling, so we didnt climb anything crazy. No good audio...him asking questions and me bitching about everyone just wanting to go through mud lol. The one named "-5" is the one with the toughest trail we went on...which as you may see, isnt much at all.
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Looks like there is at least 8" of white fluffy on the ground up there and the weather looks like itll be cooperative. I am a solid 95% going so bump!
ok. definitely going lol. Probably around 11am instead of earlier as that is when others mentioned going.

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