Father's day camping at the Jemez

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Aug 21, 2003
Tijeras, NM
As mentioned in the may meeting, there is a plan to go camping on Father's day weekend, June 18, 19, 20. I figured it's time to start a new thread so that others can chime in. Also, it's easier to give non HDC members a link to a thread that contains trip details. :D

I am looking at my busy schedule :D and it seems that I *should* be able to leave town on Friday with the camper and family in tow. We need to come up with a meeting location for all of us to meet up and then convoy to the Jemez. I'm thinking the North Portal (hwy 528 and hwy 550) sometime on Friday?

Ideally, it'd be great if we can all go up to the camping spot together in order to avoid calling on the HAM and then having someone relay the long/lat GPS info on the phone, etc. But, it is a working day so some folks may have no choice but to leave after work on Friday. In which case, we'll figure out something.

We'll be camping at a primitive spot, so bring enough food and water to last three days. We'll be practicing "pack it in, pack it out" philosophy. As far as the weather, I'll let someone more knowledge tell us what we can expect. The wheeling won't be rigorous but we'll probably drive around on the forest roads quite a bit. I'd love to check out the ruins that is up there some where. If there are other attractions to check out, please post up.

Let me know if I've missed anything. I hope we'll have a large turnout for our first official HDC campout event :bounce:
come to the meeting and we will discuss it...:flipoff2:

I am most likely leaving earlier in the week. that's the reason for the ham/GPS thing.:grinpimp:

edit: like leaving Wed.
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so with the fire going near Fenton, I was leaning toward Paliza area. I heard there is a good meadow with plenty of room for a big group on that trail. I've mostly seen it in the full snow, so I didn't know about it. that should be far enough south of the fire and still in the pines.

any thoughts?
just got a fire report from one of our guys that just got back from that fire. it has basically been out for the last 5 days, they were mopping up hot spots only. so no worries about smoke. I don't know if the forest in that area is closed still or opened back up.
That's good news about the fire being out.

As far as a spot, I was hoping to camp at a hard to reach spot so that we don't have to see other campers near by or driving by, if possible! That maybe a tall order but I don't know that area all that well.
We should be ready for a Plan B. The forest is very dry already and the monsoons aren't scheduled until early July, so campfires could be out then...

We're in about 50%
Paliza is very unused in general. the other spots we like to go, north off 126 gets very little traffic too. there are some great little spots. not seeing other people is not a problem.:cool: also, what I saw today on the web said there are still no fire restrictions, but they are asking people to be careful.
Is this a trip that the pop-up could make (we have drug the pop-up over some considerably rough stuff), or are you guys thinking remote more technical trails? We were going to leave on the Thursday before Fathers Day, bacause I have to work on Sunday and Monday?

Sorry that I missed the meeting hopefully this wasn't all discussed already.
I can't imagine getting to the camp spot would be a challenge for a popup! Shawn will probably take his LWB F350 to the camp spot, I think.
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popup should be fine.

that brings up, who thinks they will make it and what days? even if it's a day trip up.
Ross and I are planning to come up. Timing and days and everything else depends on his work schedule which he won't have until the week of Father's Day.

Sorry, we won't make it this time. But have a great trip!
Kay and I will be up just for a day trip... not sure which day. Are they any specific plans for each day?
The Ali's are in.
Kay and I will be up just for a day trip... not sure which day. Are they any specific plans for each day?

nothing specific really. just a chance to get out in the pines.
We're gonna try to make this one. We don't get off till Friday evening, so we may just have to meet on Saturday. We have yet to acquire a good gps or ham, so, it may be a little challenging to meet up too. I'm sure we can figure something out.
I will (hopefully) ham radio town with our location, someone will post it on this thread. you drive up.:D
Lauren and I are planning to get there early Saturday morning. Will we be doing 2WD trails again? :D

If someone could relay the coordinates down here that would be great! I'm still HAM-less though, so hopefully someone can post.
yes it should be fairly easy 2wd.

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