Farmington NM Cleanup Sept 5-7, 2009

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May 15, 2008
Ridgecrest, CA
We are planning our third annual clean-up in Choke Cherry Canyon, for Saturday September 5th starting at 8am and lasting until noon. We are currently working with the local BLM (Bill Papich) and they are providing gloves, shovels, rakes, buckets, dumpsters, trash bags, porta potties, and everything necessary except trucks and people...Including lunch (sponsor to be named later)after all is said and done! The area is amazing for wheeling, but is unfortunately destroyed by trash dumping and misuse.
The BLM has once again called upon us as 'wheelers, bikers, hikers, ATV users, and anyone else who enjoys the canyon, to unite in order to help maintain and PRESERVE the area for recreation.
Anyone who can attend and offer a hand is strongly encouraged to.

This is an opportunity to get active in preserving our right to 'wheel and to show that we do take care of the land we use for the sport we love so much, so make some time and help support our efforts to keep trails open!!!!!

After we are done taking care of business everyone is free to hit the trails of their choice. Most of us that are attending will be there from Fri Sept. 4th to Sun Sept 6th. We will make sure a dumpster is left at the mouth of the canyon the whole weekend..So please, while you are enjoying the trails grab a trash bag or two (provided by the BLM) and pick up whatever trash you see on, or on the way, to the trails. The cleanup is only a few hours long, but that does'nt mean we can't go out of our way all weekend (and every time we 'wheel) to keep the area clean.

Please come out and join us and help support a great OHV are, as well as our sport!

If you have any questions please ask here or feel free to PM me. If you plan on attending please let me know here or via PM so that we know how many people we need to feed after the cleanup.

Thank you for the support in advance!

Chokecherry canyon is a very unique place in that buggies, very modified,
slightly modified, and stock trucks can run the same trail and everyone
will have fun; optional lines is what makes chokecherry amazing. Don’t
want to do an obstacle? Go around. Can’t make an obstacle? Try another
30 feet over. This area really is a huge playground for any type of
The cleanup is going to be Saturday, but if people wanted to come out
early, to get the most out of the wheeling trip, by all means come out
early and we can show you around. Last year’s cleanup lasted about 4-5
hours, which left a lot of time to go wheeling afterwards. Sunday you can
go wheeling as well if you feel so inclined.

Meeting time will be 8:00am-noonish Saturday Morning at the staging area
(directions below). We will be splitting up in groups to hit different
areas that need to be cleaned up, which will be announced at staging on Sat morning.. After the cleanup, we will all gather
around and decide what trails to run and what trails everyone wants to do.

Staging will be located at the entrance to chokecherry canyon, which is at
the intersection of pinion hills and glade rd. (a large dumpster will be

Map of staging location:

Direction to Camp:
From Pinion Hills Rd.
Turn off on CR1980 aka Glade Rd (chokecherry canyon)
There has never been a sign or anything to mark it whatsoever. But there
are land marks.
* It's a canyon bottom at the base of a pretty big hill.
* it's on the right (north) and paved
* It immediately curves to right and becomes gravel/dirt
* there are street lights if it's dark.
* there is large wash on the right (east)
Stay on the main road. At ~+2miles you'll pass the "Glade run rec
area/BLM" sign
You will then cross over the wash, then cross back after a ways.
After the 2nd crossing you'll come to a fairly large, well used "T"
intersection on the left.
Take the next trail that peels off to the left. It's just a few yards past
the intersection.
You'll pop out in brown spring. Which is kind of like a parking lot
surrounded by a big slick rock bowl. That's were we'll be camped.
Total distance is ~3 miles from pinon hills

Map of where camp is located:
Count me in and I'll see if I can convince my brother-in-law to come out too.

Maybe a Friday and Saturday night overnight/camping trip?
I just put in for the days off. Hope to see you all come up.

i'll see what i can do. i missed last year, but really wanted to go.
This conflicts with Thrill on the Hill.
you got to be kidding! damn. i already sent in my $ for Thrill. we have to get out to Farmington as a club anyway. it's so close.
I am a maybe. I will see a if I can convince a couple of friends to help. Anything for an excuse to get that close to visit Durango!
Bummer - I ended up with a conflict.

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