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Tho at sumbitch in ayer!
Mar 16, 2003
Grande Prairie, Alberta, Canada
gotta build a shroud to keep my sbc cool but im wondering if i should go with my big gm clutch fan or go to a fixed fan which is slightly smaller but always turns at engine speeds.just curious cause once its built theres no going back one way or another.
a fixed fan like a flex-fan would get rid of the crappy fan clutch, but it will also decrease gas-mileage b/c it is always spinning at speed. may not be a big concern for you with a V8 (you're already gone anyways :D), but for me and my 2F, that was enough for me to just fix the fan clutch.

well, there's my .02 on the flexfan (but don't forget they're real cheap too, like $20 maybe. always a plus)

Why not go electric?
if you go electric, i used two fans out of honda civics from the junkyard, a lot cheaper than getting two from summit or some other place.
i had an electric from specter,didnt impress me.i like mechanical things. ;)
If you do water crossings keep in mind that some fans will "propeller" into the radiator. Expensive lesson learned.
Before you build your shroud you may also want to move your rad over to center it. The stock setup is offset to line up with the I6 engine. If you leave it there it gives your shroud a strange stagger. I agree with your dislike for electrics.
after destorying 2 radiators (from water) i went eletric now have the black magic from maf not cheap, but in does have masive air flow plus you get a hp gain
Get an electric or 2 that cover %70 of the area of the radiator and a switch that turns them off for water crossings with a warning to remind you its off. You can set them up as pushers or pullers by turning the blades around.If you put them in the front of the radiator its gives you a lot more room to work on the front of the motor
Newer electric fans don't have the problems of older models. I used to feel the same way, but have been very happy with the electric cooling my SBC.
A HD Clutch fan would be my vote. Be sure it's a Thermal unit rather than non-thermal. IF you think there will be a heating problem you'll always move more air with a mechanical fan over electric. A black magic moves 2800 cfm of air while a properly set up mechanical will move in excess of 4500 cfm.
My vote is for the electric with a manual control wired to the dash. That's what I run on my 350 and hardly have to use it.

No shroud.
No fan.
No problems in water.
More HP.
More space under the hood.

I've never had a problem overheating or anything, even in standing traffic. From what I've heard, the fans on a Ford Taurus have the most air flow, and you know you can find those in every junk yard. Haven't checked into it though, just what I've heard.
I am in process of the Taurus conversion on my 2F. The fan easily flows more than the black magic fan. i plugged them in side by side and could feel the differnce. You want the 3 wire(2 speed) off of the 3.8 v6. This engine is in the taurus, sable, mark VII, markvIII, and some t-birds. The draw back is it pulls around 30amps in normal running and over 80 at startup. Just for a split second though.
Go with the Taurus fan, I did this conversion on my V8 vortec and it is awesome, these things pull some air :eek: , If I have the hood open and stand near the passenger door I can feel the wind it creates. It also will try to suck a tshirt into the radiator with it. It is nice cause it is one unit that comes with a shroud installed as one piece. I just made a few brackets so it would mount flush to the landruiser stock radiator and sealed up the small spacing between the radiator and the fan with some foam tape. I used a solenoid from napa and ran an inline switch so I can cut it on water crossing. Best of all I got the fan for $40 shipped to my home from, I think? search the archives here or on pirate board for more info on this one. Really a great upgrade and a snap to do!


hey sofado are you using a stock rad?ive recored mine to 4 cores and it over heats just idling on a hot day and this is not something new.its been doing this for a long time.cant even wheel it on hot day dambit!

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