Fan fell off

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Dec 21, 2012
The wife told me yesterday that the 62 was running hot. She brings it by my work thinking I just have to add some fluid, then to my surprise the shaft for the pulley and fan has fallen out. The fan was resting on the radiator and the other side against the other pulleys. Needless to say she drove my truck home.

So here is my question, what do you think the problem is? I know on some cars that's where the water pump is, is that the case here? I don't have any shop manuals yet but I guess that's the next investment. The engine has almost 300k on it right now. Should i just bite the bullet and swap the engine? I live in rural Alaska (not the bush just rural) so my access to mechanics is pretty limited and my supply lines are pretty long too.

Fire some ideas at me please, I looked around a bit for ideas but am just getting a little overwhelmed.

Thanks for your time!
A pic would be good...

Here's my guess...
The fan is bolted to the fan clutch, which is bolted to the pully, which is bolted to the waterpump. If it's as you describe, then the water-pump failed. Replace it. Given the milage, also replace the thermostat (and upper o ring) plus all hoses to/from the waterpump. If the truck ran cool before this happened, then you should be good to go. If it ran warm before hand, then also consider replacing the fan clutch and the radiator. If the truck ran fine, no need to replace the motor.

Let me repeat...give us a pic so we can see what's up for sure.
I hope the photos are clear, I had to take them with my phone as I am still at work for a few days.


looks like water pump failure...replace that with all the related hardware that involves attachement of the fan clutch to the waterpump/pulley, of course as noted if you have never replaced the thermostat/gasket/o-ring its time to do that too. Check you radiator to make sure the fan has not damaged it. Also check to make sure other components are not damaged to include the fan clutch and pulleys and the fan itself.

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