Fan clutch karma from hell

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Mar 28, 2006
Last week during the break in procedure on a newly rebuilt 2F, I noticed the fan came on from the get go and never shut down. The next day while timing
and tinkering the same thing with the exception of a little noise coming from the water pump area. After reading most all threads on the subject, I figured
the stock fan clutch must be bad. Ordered in and installed a new OEM clutch
with the same results. Noise is still there. Not overheating but need to figure this out. Did not use OEM belts and that will be the next change.

Even cold, a fan will always spin due to the light friction in the clutch that is there.
With the engine off and cold, can you spin the fan? It should. If not, the clutch is bad.
Now, get it up to op temperature. Shut off engine. Does the fan spin freely? It shouldn't.

As far as the wp noise: Did you replace the pump when you rebuilt the engine? If not, it would be a wise thing to replace for the price.
Bill, with the engine off and cold, no, the fan does not spin more than a couple of inches. With the motor up to op temp the fan does not spin when shut down. Yes, the water pump was replaced at the time of rebuild and also ordered another one along with the new fan clutch. Thanks

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