Fan belt pulleys

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May 3, 2012
Savannah, GA
73 FJ and my fan pulley has 1 wide groove and 1 smaller groove. Same with the crank, only one belt for fan crank and alternator. What's the other groove for? Is there another belt driven accessory on the engine? I ordered new belts today and had the option for 5 different belts, so I ordered them all and will hopefully get the right one.
smog pump missing?
Must be... Both of my 73s are the same.... One has "emission" lines that look like fuel injection rails and the other has nothing like that. The 70 only has one groove for fan, crank, and alternator so I'm assuming something MUST be missing just not sure what.
smog pump. Do you have an air rail? Plugs in the head where one used to go?
Air rail on one but not the other. So I don't really need this right?
Sounds like one of them is a California Special. They had their own smog laws back then that required more equipment than the 49 states models. John
Would the engine run ANY better or improve fuel economy? All the FJ40s I've seen have not had any smog pumps so I imagine it would be hard to source these. Also does it have anything to do with EVAP I have an extra fuel line going back to the tank but the setup I have does not use it
The 40 without all the piping has plugs in the head where the air lines go. Is this factory or something someone added?
The plugs were probably added when the air rail was removed.

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