Wanted Fairey Overdrive FJ40

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May 2, 2018
United States
Hello there,
I'm in search of a Fairey ovedrive for a 3-speed, non-split TC for an FJ40. The land cruiser is a column shift from 1971. I also understand there is another type of overdrive called the Hone-O-Drive that i would be interested in as a second option. Thank you all for you help :cheers:
DesertFJ40, they are hard to come by. I managed to find one just over a year ago for a 4 speed. I'll keep my eyes open and drop by here if I find a 3 speed non-split OD.
Sweet! Thank you, Masalai. The thought of having an overdrive is too cool. Something about it seems very Mad Max to me :p. My plan is to eventually hook up my PTO winch and have the OD ready to engage on the long trips.
FYI with a Fairey overdrive the PTO gear is part of the overdrive. Like the four speeds transmissions some transfer cases had a PTO gear and some had a spacer. While all three speed Fairey overdrive had a PTO gear is the used market want to be sure if it there. Unlike the three speed and four speeds using a different PTO gear because of the spline count all Fairey PTO gears for the one piece transfer case we're all the same. I know there was thread or two with someone hunting the Fairey PTO gear.

The split transfer case Fairey overdrive we're a complete different animal and never for a three speed. Those also were made in a such way that a PTO winch could be used.

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