factory valve specs 2f engine?

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Oct 25, 2005
Hagerstown MD
I've a redone cylinder head suppose to have been built by machine shop for P.O. I was told it was modified using chevy valve train for high performance cams. It looks good w/ minor surface rust from sitting but who knows what went into it.

There are markings on the valve faces that I'm going to check out when I head out to work on the truck today. I'm also going to measure the valve diameters.

The head appears to have new valve seals and has dual valve springs. other than that I don't know what ahd been done. what scares me is the valve clearances, whether or not it's been milled much and that if I use it the valve length and pushrod lengths are proper to factory specs.

Where can I get a FSM for a really good price?
Dual valve springs sounds a bit suspicious to me for a motor that
redlines at 4000 rpm. Are you sure this is a cruiser head? Post
us some pics. Some of the early F engines were DOHC with 4
valves per cylinder but they are quite rare.
I checked it out this afternoon they are factory toyota valves and valve seals.
It is definitely a 2f head with air rail pluged up. I didn't get any pics of the head as I was put at ease knowing they where factory valves. My quess is the PO had chevy dual valve springs installed as he planned on heavliy modifying the original engine.

I bought a used 79 with 54K. I'm going to go ahead and put this head on it along with a new water pump, rear main seal and hopefully a set of headers. I have the 78' intake and it's been cooked and cleaned so I with probably use that and do a minor port and polish on the two.

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