Factory Service Manual (F or F2)

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Jul 30, 2003
I have an fj that was built in 12/1974. Is that an F or F2 engine - I know the change is right around there. And, after I figure that out -- Ant good sites to buy the factory service manuals for it? Thanks
Go out to your truck, open the hood, and look down by the starter on the block. There will be a flat surface that will have your engine serial number stamped in it. A "F" engine SN starts with "F" and the "2F" starts with "2F".

You may need a scraper to remove oil and gunk, or a peice of scotch-brite(green scrubby thing in the sink) to remove some of the corrosion, in order to see this info.

Then you will KNOW what you have!

Good luck!

I bought the F2 manual set for my 60. Went to the local Toyota dealer, he had them for me within two days...

Mike S

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