Factory Radio stuck on station

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May 30, 2005
Sussex County, Delaware
My factory unit is "stuck" on 1 station all of a sudden.

Short story: radio stuck on the station recently used, the lcd areas only light up....no numbers, marks, etc. The tape deck works, didn't try the cd.

Long story: Took a road trip last weekend to visit family. I plugged a cooler-pack into the cig lighter to keep lunch/drinks cool. As I was diving, the station that I usually listen to started to fade-out..... time to change over to a more local station. However, I couldn't. All buttons were nonfunctional save 'on/off' and 'tape.' My first thought....pull the cooler plug and check the fuses. I pulled all the fuses from the interior-access panel and they're ok.

Huh. Ok...just listen the ipod for the next 4 hours via the tape deck and fix the problem later. As I start the truck and try to move out, the gear shifter is stuck in park.

:censor:, I say!

Check the fuses again. They are fine. So I check the engine bank. After pulling and inspecting them (all ok), the radio comes back to life, but I'm still stuck in park.


I use a penny to pop the tranny access cover off and use a pen to release the trans out of park.

Once I arrive at my destination, my brother-in-law mentions that I don't have any brake lights.

So we pull the brake switch, adjust the nut/screw bit and the next thing we know is that the lights work and I can shift out of park as normal. Plus, the radio works.


The radio worked until tonight. I'm back to stuck on 1 station and no display. No shifting problems and no brake light issues.

Any ideas to what happened?

It's getting worse..............:bang:

I d/c'ed the battery today, and after I reconnected it I got the radio back to normal. However, I lost my brake lights!

Went to the auto store and got a new brake switch. No luck.

Any idea on the next step?

FWIW: I have a trailer wiring harness that is not connected to anything.

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