factory hinging tire carrier

Mar 7, 2005
I was wondering: one-if you can locate and buy a factory swing away rear tire carrier from japan or somewhere foreign, two-if it will fit on the US models, and three- is it cheaper than just buying a kaymar or slee one? Thanks for the help.
Mar 27, 2003
Cruzin -

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>> if it [tire carrier] will fit on the US models...

Yes, the factory (OEM) carrier will fit... but there is a greater issue. The trucks - primarily in the Japanese Domestic Market (JDM) had additional, interior structural support in the body panels that is absent on the U.S. trucks. So, yes it will fit, but would not be safe without considerable modification.

>> locate and buy a factory swing away rear tire carrier from japan ?

Yes, but because of the shipping weight it would likely be prohibitively expensive

>> cheaper than just buying a kaymar or slee one?

There would other reasons for using the Kaymar / Slee bumper mounted carriers that you need to factor in, such as the option of using a second swing gate, an integrated hitch (Kaymar), departure angle, recovery attachment points (Slee), additional rear collision protection, etc. So, it is not a straight forward comparison.

Also, there are other, non-factory non-bumper mounted rear tire carriers to consider. You need to search around a bit to see what is available.

BTW, when posing questions to the list, it is often most helpful to know what year truck you have, milage, mods you may have made , etc. Helps in getting more precise answers.

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Dec 22, 2003
I've seen a Pathfinder tire carrier mounted on an 80 and it looked like it was made for the truck. The problem that has already been stated is that there is not the internal structure in the US 80 to withstand the forces of the weight on the tire.

The truck I saw this had a 315 MTR mounted on it. He said he had reinforced it with some plating but I could see where the body panel was alread starting to buckle a little and it had been on the truck less than a year. :crybaby:

Doesn't someone offer a carrier that welds to the OEM bumper?
May 1, 2005
West Palm Beach, Florida
You cannot make one that welds to the OEM bumber because it would not provide clearance to lower the tailgate.

I fabbed-up a swing-out tire carrier on my 80 with a single pivit point located at the outermost corner of the left plastic end cover. All the support structure is concealed beneath the plastic end piece and in not visible. Been carrying a 315 on it now for over 2 years with no problems.
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