Factory Fog Light Switch Color Code

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Mar 9, 2004
Imperial Valley, CA

i am also wondering what the two green wires are for.
are they for a light in the switch?
the switch came from Slee with a fog light harness to fit a '96

i was going to just slap 12 volts to them but it's not actually my switch. at the cost of the switch, i am not going to experiment on it.

someone has to have figured this out by now...

i searched on this and found only this thread. i'm wearing flame proof typing gloves so if it's in the EWD, then flame away.

edited to add:
well what do ya know..

and it looks like the man himself chimed in with the answere.
sorry for the bump on an old issue.
Mine were bare, I had to find out which pin did what. I wrote it down for both the <= 1994 and >= 1995 switch styles (as I've had both styles of truck). I'll try to find it tonight. I believe there are four pins on the early style, and three pins on the later style.
Red and Yellow are power for the fog lights. the green connect to the rheostat to power the background light of the switch. I assume that you are referring to a switch bought from Mr. Slee (thanks again for the switches and info, Christo).

You can scab into wires from a backlit s/w near the foglight, or like in my case (a 1996 model) you can just tap into the wires at the rheostat and voila, backlit fog lights!


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