Wanted Factory Emission manuals 1976 and 1978

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Mar 14, 2003
United States
Trying to complete my collection. These are the only two I'm missing.
Any help would be greatly appreciate. And I'm happy to share any info in any of the manuals I have.

Georg @ Valley Hybrids
does it have a red cover i have some here some where have to look
Yes, the originals had red covers. The later versions where white with green and black accents just like the FSMs.

Georg @ Valley Hybrids
Thanks Don!!!!!

I just realized that's your username. Too funny!!!!

Got em both. Thanks fellow mudders!!!!!

Georg @ Valley Hybrids
Oh sure.... Laugh at the name of one of your children.
Now he'll probably loose his confidence to go into 4WD and wet the floor!
i actually found mine but they are dealer style with loose leaf binder so they can be added to .used to get them form the local dealer when they didnt want the stuff anymore
I appreciate it. I already found both manuals in a hardcopy.

Georg @ Valley Hybrids

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