Factory chrome split rims w tires (1 Viewer)

Sep 6, 2002
I have 5 factory 16 inch split rims for sale in Southern California. 4 are chrome, and in perfect shape, one is non chromed, slightly rusty, and the spare from underneath. They have good (80%) tires on them, I think 29 inches. Tires don't have aggressive thread, and one has a flat.
Pics of the rims are viewable at

I can take additional pics on the weekend, and get the exact info on the tires.
Located in San Diego, and I prefer not to ship, obviously. I can ship, though, but it will cost, these things are heavy. Also, I prefer not to take the tires off, since most regular shops don't want to touch the splits.

I am asking 400$ for the set of 5. If you think this is outrageously expensive, let me know (after you checked what Marv Specter charges for Factory chrome splits :D).
PM me or email at karlseder@salk.edu (please include 'split rims' as subject)


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