Fabryka 4x4 30gal Aluminum Auxiliary Fuel Tank

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Oct 13, 2021
Wiesbaden, DE

Necessity is the mother of invention, as they say, and being stationed here in Germany while trying to build my LX570 has forced me to make some compromises, but has also lead me to some interesting solutions. I am building out my LX570 to tackle parts of the Trans Euro Trail (build thread forthcoming), and important to the build is the ability to carry additional fuel. I'd be happy to run an LRA tank but getting one here to Germany is a significant hurdle, so I reached out directly to a few places in Australia to source a US or even AUS spec tank which for several reasons is simply unfeasible. So... I used google translate to search the interwebs in other languages for landcruiser auxiliary fuel tanks and found this. It's a 30 gallon all aluminum auxiliary fuel tank for the Euro spec 200 series made by Fabryka 4x4 in Poland. It sells for 5950 PLN which is roughly $1500 at the moment, and the great thing about it is that I can just drive over and pick it up without worrying about the German TUV and import duties.

I reached out to the company and have received some more information about it. We've been exchanging e-mail using google translate, but from what I gather the kit comes with the tank, mounts, and gauge, but does not include a filler neck or transfer pump. I would need to relocate my carbon cannister, but it shouldn't require much more than that as there appears to be room above the tank to allow for the original canister tubes and wiring to stay up there without being completely relocated.

I have access to lifts and tools on base, but I have limited ability to fabricate with the resources I have here. I welcome feedback from the community as to what things I should consider, and in particular, what other parts I would need to source in order to successfully install this tank.

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated,


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There are several sharp guys on the forum like @grinchy and @TeCKis300 who have added subtanks. There are a few others (apologies I forget who else) that have tried other tank variations. Many of them have either a separate thread on their sub-tank or have the details in their build threads. That should give you a lot of the info you need around things like charcoal canister relocation and how to source the right filler neck. I'm not sure about German models but the US emissions are pretty strict and I'd guess yours will be similar or easier to retrofit (unlikely to be harder, save for fitting the specific tank)
what does the manufacturer spec for the neck? A split neck (two fill holes, like LRA) or a single fill hole that splits later (this is how Toyota OEM works). As you've identified, getting the filler sorted is one of the three main install items. (The others are the tank and the emissions management).

I can't advise on shipping into Germany, but I got my OEM sub tank from UAE, and that is the best likely source for a filler as well.

OEM sub tank thread is linked in my signature, and there's a further link on the first page to another US install of a gravity fed closed loop (no emissions loop to sub) option.

I moved my charcoal canister to the engine bay.
I only have the baby LRA (12.5 gal) but I installed it myself. That looks like a very tight fit - I suspect you'll have to saw off that metal hoop at the back. The top of the tank looks very different than the LRA for my US spec vehicle with a carbon canister - the carbon canister sits above the tank, so needs a cutout. I think Crusier Brothers have spent a bunch of time and effort to adjust tanks for the us market. If you rip out your emissions gear to fit the tank, I suspect you'll be fighting CEL/codes. Can you make it work, no doubt.
I thought you were exempt from import duties on forward base?

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