fabing a bj74 fr bumper

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Aug 5, 2005
Southern Interior, BC, Canada.
ideas anyone?

i'm not to bad at welding, and feel my skill level is up for it, but not sure on the design of the bumper and what gauge steel i should be using.

there will also be an aisin as-1000 winch attached to the bumper.

suggestions are much welcomed.

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Buy the one Lowenbrau has on his "how much is my BJ74 worth thread".....
Hey Simon,

We can talk about this when I come out this week.
If your going to build your own I would want to use 1.5 round inch for the tubing for the hoops. (min 1/8 wall).
We have bender here for that with a 5.5" inner diameter. For the bumper I would use 3/16 probably, and also re-enforce where the winch will be pulling.

You will also want to make sure your welds are very strong.
Weak ones will always give out at the worst time. :)
I am okay welder, but when it comes to a winch bumper I only will tack it together and have my room mate (who is an awesome welder) do it all. I don't know how he does it, but you can bend his welds. I have done so before when doing installs at the blacksmith I used to work for. I have tried to break them, and they don't. Point is, you will want to make sure that are super strong.

As for designs, I have lots of 74 designs in my head. We can draw some out together.

See you soon eh,
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