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Nov 6, 2007
in my little world
is there any good shops that do fab work like building skid plates. my bender went tits up i am in the vancouver wa portland or area. also who would you recommend to do a mini truck disc brake swap in the area. or would anyone like to help if i buy everything. i know its not that hard but finding the time is hard
Iron pig off road makes some skid plates that look sweet

Do a little at a time and you'll be done in no time
didn't you have the MAF FDB kit? If so why you changing?
didn't you have the MAF FDB kit? If so why you changing?

i want mini truck with longs. at the time i did it i ordered longs and the brake kit from maf and then i found out that the longs dont fit a 73 axle so i put the brake kit on and figured i would change it later. so here i am today getting ready to change. i do have the knuckles outward from an 85 truck just need to order everything else and put them on
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Good call, cool. If the stock birfs from that 85 axle are any good, you wanna sell them? PM me if interested.

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