F155 Rocker oil channel OR NOT?

Oct 20, 2008
South Africa
Busy with two projects at the same time and need help understanding how the F155 works

Project 1: replace 1975 2F head gasket. Motor came out of a FJ45 doner vehicle that had been standing for many years. Decided to replace the head gasket as part of preventative maintenance. Had the head recon’ed and took a chance and had the value seats done too. While installing the head gasket made sure the oil channel was clear and the gasket installed correctly. Project completed

Project 2: Prep my Sept 1974 F155 engine to swop Aussie Ford Falcon engine currently in my 1974 FJ40. Want to take it back to original. Removed the head last week to have it skimmed and value stem seals done. After 36 yr's it still had an original Toy gasket, std pistons and values. Got it back in the week and was planning on putting it back today .

As I removed the new Payen F155 head gasket I realized that it did not have an opening for the oil channel to the rocker :confused:. The block does have a channel but the head does not on the block face :confused::confused:. On top it does however have the case molding from the head bolt and a channel exiting under #4 or 5 rocker bridge. Thus the top of the head looks identical to the 2F, the bottom end does not have an opening to the channel .

To make thing interesting the old Head gasket does have an opening for the rocker oil channel

And to confuse me even more my mate with a 1973 FJ45 blew his F155 head gasket last week. Gave him a hand on Thursday to remove it only to find that his F155 has no rocker oil channel at all? Not in the block or in the head

Can anyone shed some light on the F155 rocker oil channel setup? Did they differ between early and later models? How do the values get oil? Can I use the Payen gasket without the opening for the channel if the head doesn’t have a channel anyway but the block does? :hillbilly:
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Jul 3, 2007
Thats quite correct. the oil is fed via a +- 4mm copper tube that comes up fron the oil pump, up with the push rods (you can see it if you remove the push rod side cover) runs through the head (just lika a push rod) and fixes to the centre of the rocker.
Apr 21, 2005
There are two version of the F155. 72/73 had the copper tube and a remote oil filter attached to the intake manifold. The 74 hadthe later 2F oiling system and the oil filter is on the side by the fuel pump.

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