f***ushima radiation concerns

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Nov 5, 2022
Statesboro, GA
Long time lurker but first post. I’ve been looking to purchase a JDM market HDJ81. I’ve seen a couple lately that look like good prospects but when I pull the CAR VX reports I have seen they spent time in the f***ushima region and on the auction reports the “Contaminated” box is marked yes. In both cases the report does not report a “fail” of the radioactive test screening.

I’ve read that all JDM exports are being tested for this but I’m curious how good the system is and if it can rely on it. I also understand homeland is testing on the USA side. I’m a little scared of these and just want to hear someone else’s thoughts. I’ve searched and not found much definitive but I can’t be the only one worried. I appreciate any feedback that anyone can provide.
I bought my HDJ several years ago from a man in the Boston area who imported it himself. Story is that one of the well known importers here in the US had made the deal to buy this particular truck when it was on sale in Japan but it failed the radioactivity test. It came back onto the market some time after that and passed the test. Previous owner told me his friend in Japan who was doing the legwork and inspection for him told him they basically just washed the truck then re-tested it- and it then passed. The ground man in Japan also tested it and found it to be OK.
When the truck got to the states the new owner had the local police inspect it along with someone in the local engineering industry. It tested fine. After I bought it I had a friend who is a nuclear engineer test it inside and out and it was clean. Never had any issues with the truck whatsoever as far as radiation is concerned. Actually I never had any issues with the truck at all it was awesome. My friend Crusha now owns it.

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